Mining with Raspberry Pi and USB erupters

Hi I thought I’d just open a thread for the likes of little mining me. I managed to build my Raspberry Pi miner up from scratch with no previous knowledge of the RPi or mining.

I used the Adafruit tutorial to build my miner. The tutorial is very good and is fun to follow. I also built my own LCD display using one of their kits… Good fun! That’s what mining is about. Not just greed.

I use 9 USB erupters and bought the for around €15 each (now anything from 20-40€ Due to climb in price of BTC)

I use 2 x Logilink 7 port usb hubs Both plugged in and one is daisy chained with the other.

The whole rig with everything attached PSU, Pi, LCD screen, USB hubs, heat sinks for RPi, Case for Pi, Erupters, Artic fan (silent and only €7,50) cost me €270! A healthy sum but the actual mining part was about €160.

I’d be better of just selling my rig now and make a quick profit!

I realise I will probably never get my investment back but as I said fun is the name of the game. I have now switched from mining BTC to PPC. I just feel that PPC may take off and being in with a difficulty of 9M I have a chance of getting full coins. Not like BTC where I get fractions with my mini miner… I like the whole concept of PPC and am sure slowly people will turn to it as a compliment to BTC. So if you have any questions I will try and answer them. I’m not an expert though.

Also it runs on WiFi

Nice work! Saying that, I agrre that it will most likely never pay off. But hey, it was fun to build it. Wasn’t it?

I now people who have mor expensive hobbys :wink:

Nice setup! similar to mine, although yours is way neater.

Well done. I am running a similar setup with Pi, USB erupter and d-link USB hub. It Is great to use again the USB erupter for mining isn’t it?? Bye

Yeah it WAS good but I got “All Green Lights” and couldn’t get them to dissapear. Reinstalled everything about 3 times…Had to eventually plug it all into my laptop and mine that way…but BTC not PPC. I am now selling them on eBay for €57 a piece (paid on average €14…just before the BTC price spurt). I figured that would net me instant profit. Mining rig cost me aroung €270! (9xerupters €122) But I should make about €120 profit on whole thing. Letting me keep 2 x Miners for keepsake and my complete Rasp Pi setup. I will then buy hash power from CEX (link below). Should keep the wife happy and less cables around at Xmas… I hope they make a new USB type device. Erupters have become very tradeable. I can always plug two erupter into my laptop whilst I’m using it…at least it won’t take up CPU power. Yes they are great fun though! The future is hosted mining though…just wish I could point power at something other than BTC!

Well I found the problem with my miner…there was a capital letter in my user name in the config file! Changed BlackSwan122 to Blackswan122…and it worked. Sold 2 x erputers for €106…another five onsale… Got a shock after the Bitcoin drop today and thought I’d get 20€ each for the rest…2 days to go and we shall see. If they go for 45-60€ I’ve made a tidy profit…means I can let the other two run for Free…means in April they start to lose money…according to Gen Block website. Isn’t mining fun!..I love the flashing green LED…so sexy.

Well I sold 7 of my 9 Erupters for €370… So now I’m mining for free until the new difficulty kills me off in two days. My rig is fully paid for… So RasPi and all accessories are now MINE! I nay now use that money to buy hashing power on CEX … Currently about $53 a GH… Was $72 a few days ago. China has thrown a massive spanner in the "But"coin machine. I just hope it can survive in some form or another I think the market will be propped up buy the big players! It is in their interest that the hype remains even if Chinese people have been slapped in the face.

Well I’m back to mining PPC with my now reduced rig from 9 erupters down to just 2… I will be buying PPC with some of the profits from my sale of 7 erupters…It was just stupid not to sell the erupters…I however kept 2 for keepsake (they are sexy items!). One is slightly damaged but works fine. I can’t believe how much the hashrate has increase on Fixx. It was about 1…now 7 terra! So now I’ll just let my two erupters mine for PPC. I have bought 11.6gh to mine for BTC on CEX…but unfortunately I can’t point the hash power at Fixx to mine for PPC… So the mining goes on…at least crypto has seemed to come back a bit after the China ban.