Locked wallet PoS Mac

So I have been looking through all the threads here, and haven’t found anything I could really understand or get to work.

I have encrypted my wallet, and now I have the dreaded locked wallet no minting.

So with that, I have ppcoind and now kind of stuck on what steps to take next to get the wallet minting. I set up a ppcoin.conf file, and used the provided information that ppcoind gave me. But that doesn’t seem to work, and I am not a programmer/coder so I get lost quite easily in some of these threads, and can’t figure it out my self.

I am right there with you. Working on a mac and not the most tech savvy

Hopefully this thread can be saved for all future users as I am sure more and more people are going to be having the same issues

Forum User named: Ben

Uploaded a 120 meg .MOV video file of him opening his wallet for minting.

Albeit, the purpose of the demonstration was to show how he could transfer coins afterwards without re-entering his passphrase, but the point still remains on how he was able to open his wallet and enable minting.

You can download a .ZIP file of the movie here:


Open it and watch the .MOV in full screen. You’ll see what he clicks and types in order to open his ppcoin-qt client on his Mac for minting.

Keep in mind, your coins must be a minimum of 30 days old (without being moved) in your wallet before minting can succeed. Even then, it is luck based from day 31 to day 90 depending on how many coins you already have that are aged.

Dropbox is going to love me if a bunch of people DL that file :slight_smile:

I’ll start writing a consolidated guide to PoS on the Mac, as soon as I finish off a couple of things I have to do for work tonight.

Ben that would be very, very nice.


Really appreciate that Ben!

Here’s the link to the tutorial for setting up Proof-of-Stake minting on the Mac: http://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=1104

I can’t find a Mac wallet.
Is there one thats available?


The first steps of the Mac Proof-of-Stake tutorial (linked two comments above) provide links to the compiled Mac wallet.