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We have been staying up to date in terms of development with the last update to the Peercoin protocol v0.8. This kept us compatible with the latest developments of Bitcoin. We have remained relevant through several points, namely remaining secure and economically stable, which Peercoin being one of the oldest projects still remaining in the space, is not something many other projects can lay claim to; proof by existence if you will. As projects from 2017 are starting to fail or a disappear, people are reminded that Peercoin has remained stable for seven plus years now. We are hoping to build on this by expanding the projects being built on/in Peercoin which is something that will come with time, especially as the market heats up again.



I am a crypto enthusiast like yourselves. I joined Peercoin community as I find peercoin very interesting and before investing in it, I wanted to do some research and discuss with other people who are already into it.



Welcome to the community!

Hi, I’m studying cryptocurrency and I’ve learned Bitcoin and Litecoin yet. Now I’m trying to understand Peercoin and Primecoin, how they work and how they differ from Bitcoin. I’ve to ask for some implementation details to the community because it is difficult to find that online.

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Hi, Grandstarmarket
There are four videos (about 5 minutes each) that you should first watch:

Many of the points in the videos are summarised in this three-page pdf document.
20191217 Peercoin three-page brief.pdf (553.1 KB)

And thirdly you should visit the Peercoin University, which explores these topics in detail.

That all obviously concerns Peercoin, rather than Primecoin. Let us know if you have any further questions.

Hey guys,
So excited about this community.
I am making a product review platform, and you can rate Peercoin there for building more trust.

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Peace and Prosperity (No. 0213 / 1000)

airdrop wallet 0213.pdf (294.5 KB)

Peace and Prosperity (No. 0233 / 1000)

airdrop wallet 0233.pdf (295.9 KB)

Peace and Prosperity :peercoin: (No. 0249 / 1000)

airdrop wallet 0249.pdf (297.5 KB)

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Yo peers!

Just a new guy who likes cryptocurrency,
and because peercoin is such an awesome coin i decided to invest in it.


Welcome to the community!