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I’m not sure if anyone has messaged you yet, but something you should also know is that Primecoin doesn’t really have a community anymore or active developers, which is why it’s relegated to a sub-category on our forum. All our effort is being put into Peercoin, which runs on PoS and PoW. What you’re working on, is it something that could possibly work with Peercoin instead?


I’m not new. But I feel new on the new messaging board. If any one wants to PM me, I’m back. I’m still learning how discourse works but it shouldn’t take me long.

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Let us know if you need any help.


I feel ya, this is going to take a little getting used to!!

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Hello everyone!

I’ve first read about “digital currency” and “crypto coins” back in 2010. Not sure where I heard from Bitcoin at the time, but after further digging and noticing that this “digital coin stuff” was mostly used in darkweb, I ended forgetting about it. Silly me, I could be a millionaire by now (and this is probably not the first time you’ve heard this same story. Yeah, sad).

Anyway, after years of following cryptocurrencies sporadically as a lay enthusiast, I started gathering resources to invest in some alt-coins that I thought had potential for both changing the world (cliche, eh?) and making me rich in the long run. Upon looking for interesting projects, I stumbled upon Peercoin, which seemed to have a pretty solid, mature and skeptical proposal. It was interesting. While most coins promised a Jupiter and delivered Ceres, Peercoin had a solid path defined and seemed to be focusing on it through years. And this path was green, sustainable, and seemed to make sense.

I’m still learning about Peercoin and cryptocurrency world in general. But this is an area that makes my agorist heart beat harder. I like the project, and the community seems to be full of interesting people. So here I am, looking forward to help make this coin leave its mark in the future of liberty and individual financial independence.


Hello :slight_smile:

I see crypto-coins as an investment diversification and I like Peercoin in particular, because of the characteristics and the name. My first name is exactly pronounced in my mother tongue as “Peer” in English.



Hello, I am Joe and I run [Removed for suspicious content]. I am a fan of peercoin because it is an energy-efficient cryptocurrency. I believe its energy-efficiency can bring about widespread interest in the digital currency.

I will also promote other cryptocurrencies depending on my time or interest. Right now I like ethereum, monero, and factom.


This is the official Indicium account for


Hello everybody LazyTurtle here.

Invested in bitcoins a couple years ago as my confidence in government/banking is low.

I do believe tough that using such extensive resources for mining bitcoin’s is not sustainable. I love the idea of peercoin and have my main focus here now.
Im in for the long term, hope to engage in interesting discussion with you all :slight_smile:

Peace to you all! // LazyTurtle

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Hi All!

I’ve been watching this coin since '13 and have a great feeling about it - the tech is great and SK is not only brilliant but an absolute Jedi.

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Hello everybody,

I’ve been interested in cryptocurrency since 2012, at the time it was only Bitcoin that I had heard of and it wasn’t until 2014 that I bought my first coins and began to learn what existed outside of Bitcoin. The idea of being able to reach out to people who otherwise had difficult or no access to bank accounts struck me as a way to democratise the financial system by eliminating several exclusionary mechanisms that exist and allowing for greater participation. Especially in places where class disparities are prevalent. At the time I was living in Puerto Rico working on my families organic farm and would constantly meet other farmers who had little confidence in the financial system, especially under the current economic crisis. My interest of cryptocurrencies began to grow while looking at the economic and colonial conditions that exist on the island as I felt there was an opportunity to make a positive impact.

I heard of Peercoin in 2016 and got hold of my first coins in January of this year. Since then I’ve only furthered my studies on the coin and other crypto coins in general and found Peercoin to be more sustainable than others, especially in comparing the energy consumption needed to run other networks. Although I’m still learning, but overall I like the direction of the project and would like to participate and see where it goes in the future, as I also feel this coin has the potential to leave a positive impact.


Hi all. I’m new to PPC but I hold a bit of BTC and ETH. I got interested in Peercoin recently after reading about Iconomi in the “Indexing Cryptocurrency” article on Medium. Looking forward to learning more.


Welcome to the forum. Also it’s great to see our marketing efforts are paying off. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

Peercoin is the first cryptocurrency I bought, that happened more than 3 years ago. I’ve been reading this forum for quite long time, and decided to create an account recently. I think PPC has a potential.


I’m interested in peercoin mostly for the PoS innovation. Still need to read the code to truly understand how that works though. Hope for some interesting discussions in this forum.

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Hi Helios, do you code C++? Welcome to the forum by the way.


Not C++; much prefer python3. But since the PPC protocol isn’t well documented, perhaps I’ll force myself to read some C++ :wink: Thanks for the welcome, it seems like a friendly place …

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Sure we could always use more developers if you were interested. In case you have any questions, the best place to ask would be in the development channel at Our devs hang out there.


Hi, I am very interested in the Peercoin technology as I believe it solves some of the issues that Bitcoin is facing. I think Peercoin is largely underestimated and that the developers showed a lot of insight in how it was designed. I am very impressed with the community as it seems to be less about marketing and hype and more about peer to peer cooperation!

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