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Long time Peercoin holder (April 2013), recently bought more, looking forward to all the things to come.


Hi folks…

Could I just check, my peerunity qt works fine. My xpm qt worked fine for ages, but now shows the message ‘no block source available’, and has been this way for about 15 weeks. My peerunity is completely up to date, with about 8 active connections (as did the xpm until now)…and they are both running on the same computer.

Map port using UPnP is checked, proxy isn’t in settings.

Can anyone help?




[member=30820]Roister01[/member] do you have any peers when you type getpeerinfo on the console (if you don’t know how to get to console go to: Help -> Debug Window -> Console)
Try adding these nodes that I have, by typing on the console:

addnode add
addnode add
addnode add


Hello all,

I have been following PPC since 2013 (shame it’s taken me this long to register but better late than never!)
I run a node or two and have been doing my part to secure the network by minting some coins.


Hello, everyone. As I said before, I’m just starting into PPC. Posting this to meet the requirement.



I’m not completely new to Peercoin as technology, but haven’t followed closely either.
I decided to register an account here, because I want to propose an idea.
Putting it up for discussion should help finding out if I’m on the right track.


Hi everybody!
I am new to Peercoin and blockchains as a technology. Working on a project at UCLA and have run into some issues! So I just have some questions.
Thank you!


[quote=“gcusack, post:228, topic:2889”]Hi everybody!
I am new to Peercoin and blockchains as a technology. Working on a project at UCLA and have run into some issues! So I just have some questions.
Thank you![/quote]

Come hangout at when you get the chance. I’m sure you’ll receive fairly timely responses to any questions that you might have.


i want to post a query but i am unable to find the button for creating the new post as per given in the help documentation of the peercointalk please help to post an issue this is very urgent



i think you first have to make two replies so you can start create your own topic (if that is what you are talking about)


Hi everyone,

my name is Meshach. I noticed that Bitcoin took out the $743 resistance yesterday (Friday 02 December, 2016). This means that there is still some more upside for the Bitcoin and other type of coins will follow.

I carefully studied the long term chart and found out that yesterday and today are very prime days to buy Peercoin.

I speak solely from a trader’s perspective. I surely have a lot to learn about Peercoin.

Let’s grow together!

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Hello. Nice to be here.

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Hey, forum looks awesome, so much work going on behind the scenes. Glad to be a part of the community :slight_smile:

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Welcome guys. Have fun!


Hi, I also like the forum. Come to look for any info on updating alt currency mobile wallets.


Hi! I’ve been following cryptocurrencies very early on with Bitcoin and Litecoin. But I’ve grown interested in Peercoin after learning more about Proof-of-Stake.

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Giday Everyone,

You can read some background information about me (im on the cover) of TMT Magazine August 2016

Initially I was planning to work with DOGE, but there are serious issues with that community IMHO. Next stop was NYAN and a different set of issues was there. Should have gone straight to Primecoin as it breaks my heart how much energy is being burnt chasing hashes.

I have been working on programmable chains and blockchain security and next week the first of a few provisional patents will be issued. Who would I need to kick off a conversation with about the possibility of adding a “patented” exchange security technology to Primecoin?


Scott McCallum
CEO, Pty Ltd


You might want to make a thread about this in the Primecoin board here to draw more attention to it…


Thanks for the advice. Given its another week or so before the provisional patent becomes official I am prepared to discuss it “in private” via email - a free secure email provider in Iceland. Please create a free account on the site and I am happy to explain whats behind the patent before it becomes official. Regards, Scott.