How to start peercoin solo mining?

Hello !! I was searching the answer everywhere but couldn’t find it. Maybe someone was talking about that here but I really can’t find any info how to mine peercoin solo. Could anyone explain step by step how to do that on AntMiners S1? I have wallet downloaded and I’m running it in server mode. How exactly should I point my AntMiners to wallet which works in server mode? I’ll be very grateful for answer.


just search for a good bitcoin solo mining tutorial. Maybe there are specific ones for your hardware. The same steps apply to Peercoin.


the same as bitcoin just a differant port, its probably best to join a pool though unless you have like 1Th/s of hash power.

I’m finding that even with 1Th of mining power it’s going to take like 100 hours to get a block… unless i’m mistaken

How long take I earn my first bitcoin with 500 Gh/s power?