How mint PeerCoin?


When we unlock the wallet, doesn’t it make the wallet vulnerable to /hack/threats?


Not if you unlock for minting only


got it, thanks.


I’ve unlocked the wallet for minting and still does not show any “maturing” balance. Should we get a new balance on a daily basis?


No, you only get a maturing balance after you mint. Maturing balance are coins that are locked during the mint period.


I think I have a misunderstanding on minting. What does minting mean?


Minting means your client uses your stake to find a block. Upon doing so, your coins will be locked for 500 blocks or so and you will get a small reward.


Is the “client uses your stake” done automatically as far as my wallet is unlocked?


Yup, just keep it ‘unlocked for minting only’ and connected to the internet. If you’re using peerunity, you can see more stats about your mint chances under the ‘minting’ tab.


Cool, thanks for quick info!