How mint PeerCoin?

I’m new to peercoin, please explain how to mint them

Unlock your wallet for minting (settings>unlock for minting only) and keep peerunity running and connected to the internet. Tada!

Yes i know, but i dont see this botton (v0.5.4)
I encrypt my wallet

i haven’t this botton and i use the Peercoin-qt

go to the debug window and type this:
walletpassphrase abc 999999 true
where ‘abc’ is your encryption password

I did everything as stated on the website, but all as was and remains

walletpassphrase unlocks your wallet. Using ‘true’ at the end unlocks it for minting only. If it didn’t work, it would give you an error. If it did work, the lock symbol in the bottom right will be opened slightly.

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Didn’t work…

if it didn’t work, it would give you an error. What is that error message?

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try just typing “walletpassphrase abc 99999” where abc is your password. If that doesn’t work, then you are using the wrong password or you aren’t actually in the debug console.

Actually, just type ‘walletpassphrase’ and tell me what it returns with.

You can also try ‘getinfo’ just so we know we’re on the same page.

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Im sorry, you submitted a broken link. Can you try posting it again?

Can i mint peercoin if i haven’t peercoin’s?


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this is a list of actions that I should take that would begin to mint Peercoin? 1. Download the wallet 2. Buy Peercoin 3. To encrypt the wallet 4. Write command. is that all?

  1. Download wallet.
  2. Encrypt wallet.
  3. Sync with blockchain (may take a day or two).
  4. Buy PPC on exchange and withdraw to wallet address.
  5. Wait at least 30 days.
  6. Unlock wallet with ’ walletpassphrase (Your Encryption Password) 999999 true ’
  7. Keep wallet continuously unlocked and synced with network.
  8. Your coins will eventually mint; however the frequency increases greatly with larger amounts of PPC. :slight_smile:

I сan use any number of peercoin?

Yes, but I’d aim for around at least 500 PPC for a satisfying experience. For amounts in that range, you want to make sure all of the coins are contained in a single transaction output. (Protip: if you receive coins into your wallet in multiple transactions, you can “re-spend” all of them in a single transaction to an address in the same wallet to boost your minting success!)

The odds of your transaction output minting a block increases every day until reaching a maximum probability at 90 days. Regardless of how long it takes to mint, your reward will always be ~ 1% APR.

Have fun! :wink:

Whether issued for peercoin minting