How can Peercoin address this video?

I’m curious. This are quite good arguments against PoS in general. Also taking in consideration checkpointing which, until now, after many years isn’t turned off in Peercoin by default (who knows when or ever? And who knows if turning off checkpointing will create a big threat for Peercoin?) it’s a vaild point that Peercoin (currently) is centralized and if Peercoin remove checkpointing entirely we don’t quite know how network will behave or how high (or low) cost of attack will be. Right now I often see comments like “Peercoin is one of the most bulletproof coins out there because it exist for so long”. Yes, but with checkpointing aka centralization.

I am asking serious questions here, don’t get me wrong, I was there when Peercoin was born and I am still here.

Real talk starts at 1:55

@Nagalim answered it today in the chat:


Has anyone quantified the success probability of these attacks or defenses?

I see terms like deep in merkle root, entropy, number of bits, though the underlying meaning is lost to me.

Even some general pseudocode that explains the block selection, the merkle root, stake modifier, would be helpful.

This is an older reference: