Help deciding on a miner BFL OR Friedcat

I can afford a 25ghs from bfl shipping immediately

or a 38GH/S Friedcat Black Erupter Bitcoin Miners Erupter Asic from alibaba China ( Good feedback )

could anyone give me a hand deciding I have read the storys from bfl . But this saying shipping immediately

The other is from china

want to know which would be a better deal money wise they are pretty much the same 1200 dollars

Iam in the UK BTW


OK i have ordered from BFL in the past… sept 2012 order… shipped 1st october 2013… my disgruntled opinion was summarized in this post

Personally I will NEVER order directly from them again. What they say IS A SALES PITCH and usually not the whole truth.

I have bought the USB Block Eruptors from yxt in the past and these have come through Friedcat. They were good, fast shipping, but way over priced at the time and they were just interested in shipping as many units as possible. So any faulty ones could be sent back and replaced which was nice… not had same service from BFL.

I am looking atm at investing myself in a new miner or two and orgainsing a group buy (probably of a KNC Neptune) and I would be willing to give KNC a try but I could be in for a similar ride of dissappointment.

I am looking at buying a second hand miner that is in hand as this is the best way i feel to guarantee you get the best price and shipped as fast as possible. Any delay of a week or so in shipping from china will cost you probably half the BTC u were hoping to mine as the difficulty starts jumping again and 2nd gen ASIC’s come out


Nice 1 Fuzzy . Yup going against the BFL Idea . Found the cube on ebay UK going for £650 so maybe better than buying from Alibaba.

Unsure I have a few miners to sell before I invest again

Decisions Decisions

I just bought a cube about a week ago. All in all, my experience was good. I’m using a evga 600W from bestbuy (I had a bestbuy giftcard). One thing to note, you’ll need to trick the power supply into thinking it is connected to the motherboard. Mine came with an adapter, but there is a method on One problem I had was physical, one was with networking. On the physical side apparently certain psus need to be fixed so that the 6 pin connectors feel “active”. I have mine set up now with that problem solved, although “frankenstinely”. See post 32:

"actually had this issue with a hacked-up 500W server supply. The problem was, when the relays trip it requires a large burst current that drains the output capacitors inside the power supply. I tucked a couple 3300uF 16V caps into the 6-pin connectors, such that they would charge up when the power supply kicked on, and then supply burst current requirements when the miner fully fired up. This reduces the burst load on the power supply, which may be tripping overcurrent or undervolt protection (as the output cap voltage drops out before the regulator can compensate).

Find a couple good-sized 16+V capacitors at Radio Shack or something and wire them onto the 12V lines and it’ll probably solve the problem."

I just plugged them into a spare motherboard, is why I say it is computer frankenstine. This worked for me but I don’t recommend it because
it could mess up your cube.
The other issue which may or may not be a problem is networking. I know nothing about networking, but the directions are pretty clear. My router is the same address as the cube. Had to change that and install slush’s software, again all outlined on that website. Total setup took less than a day, after figuring it all out. Now I’m running at ~38 gh on high on. Hope this helps with your decision!

I’ve had good results with the asicminer cubes so far, just got mine a few days ago. Bought through, retailer was Jones Gear ( The prices have fluctuated between 800-1200 USD, was able to get mine at the lower end of the spread. Shipping was quick.

I went with the cube turned up in 3 days from china dhl all good hashing away

kovert, can you post the link to the supplier you used from China - assuming it’s someone selling on AliExpress? There are a lot of scammers there - so which one did you use?