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This is the thread for the charter for the fundraiser for overkill’s video.
Discussion about the video content should continue here:
This fundraiser shouldn’t stop any other efforts to raise funds (e.g. by super3). Any funds raised should be combined in order to achieve the objective in the charter

This thread is about the charter and the process for this fundraiser. I’m inviting one or two community members to join me as project maintainer of this fundraiser in case I’m for whatever kind of reason no longer in the position to do so.

The key objective is to raise 900 PPC for 30 seconds of professional quality video as per requirements in the charter
Any remaining funds go to the stretch target which is increasing the length of the video with ~30 seconds increments to 180 seconds which also can be used as 2 or 3 stand-alone 60-90 second videos.

[b]Please read the charter below first before donating. If you don’t like the charter, please let me know in this thread. We can always see what can be tweaked if there are issues which are shared among multiple community members.

Please donate here:[/b]

The charter will be maintained here as part of the fundraising project:

— Charter fundraising Peercoin video —

Objective: Project primarily created to raise funds to create a video promoting Peercoin through peer4commit

Charter for Fundraising for Peercoin video - 900 PPC (key objective)

Fundraising to promote Peercoin brand and educate users about the use of Peercoins through freely re-distributable videos, audio and written media. The fund is primarily used to pay professionals and any materials or services they need to achieve the stated objective.

The objective is to have a video which meets at least the following requirements:

[ul][li] Needs to be made by a professional[/li]
[li] Needs to promote Peercoin brand, the advantages, its use and/or functionality[/li]
[li] Needs to be re-broadcastable on TV so to keep costs down, use whatever is creative commons for audio.[/li]
[li] Some people with English as their 2nd language will be watching this, so let’s not talk too quickly or fill the background with too much music or sound.[/li]
[li] Limit music to a minimum. Nothing worse than loud (or unnecessary) music in the background making it difficult to hear what the speaker or narrator is saying.[/li]
[li] Duration: at least 30 seconds[/li][/ul]

Stretch target(s) for any fundraising above 900 PPC (~US$1800) or funds remaining after the initial requirements above are met:

  1. Having a longer video up to 180 seconds (3 minutes), which can be logically split up in pieces of between 30-90 seconds and can be broadcasted as specific messages on their own.


  1. Having another video produced of up to 90 seconds after the initial requirements have been met

Any remaining funds will go to the distribution of this video or videos e.g. people in and outside the community hosting, sharing or promoting the material in some way. Each effort can be rewarded between 0.1% and 5% of the remaining funds. Candidates who think they are eligible for this reward have to obtain the positive vote of at least 5 active volunpeers and showcasing their effort. If there are more requests than funds in a short term a voting thread will be run for at least 7 days to select the people who will receive a reward and how much.

Release of funds

The release of funds will be through either

A. direct to the receiver using the peer4commit mechanism. This is clearly traceable and no additional tracking would be required

B. manually draining the fund

Given the current restraints on peer4commit of releasing the total fund or large chunks of it, the project maintainer may have to manually drain the fund before transferring it as one payment to the receiver. That action might also include exchanging Peercoins into fiat if that’s the only method of payment accepted. Both the project maintainer and the receiver will be transparent in the cost and transaction by publishing the transaction(s) on including invoices and confirmation of reception of the funds.

This fundraiser doesn’t intend to be a long-term marketing fund. For other targets it is suggested to start a new fundraiser with another charter. Therefore the project maintainer will release the funds if the targets or stretch targets are not met within 3 months time. Where these funds will be released to, will be subject to a voting process on but must benefit the peercoin network in some way.

Any questions can be posted here on or raised as an issue on the repository on Github (

The project maintainer will try to respond to questions within 48 hours or indicate that an answer is underway but might take a bit more time. Any spam will be ignored and/or deleted.

Edit: some typos and formatting

Thank you, Cybnate, for doing this. I’ve sent in my donation.

Thanks for setting this up Cybnate. I will help in promoting it on Facebook tomorrow.

I’ve sent in my donation, thank you for running with this idea.

I also just tweeted it out from @PeercoinPPC

The way you worded that tweet, I don’t think people will realize we’re raising money. If they don’t have any video skills or ideas in making the video, they may not even click the link. If you tweet it out again later, could you specifically mention the fundraising?

That was intentional, people don’t like giving money when asked directly. It’s a way for them to read up on the project and then decide if they want to get involved financially.

I will re-send out a tweet later today though making the 900 PPC fundraising target more obvious.

Ok, I finally shared it on Facebook and will do it several times in different ways through today and tomorrow, including a swarm email.

[quote=“David, post:7, topic:2118”]That was intentional, people don’t like giving money when asked directly. It’s a way for them to read up on the project and then decide if they want to get involved financially.

I will re-send out a tweet later today though making the 900 PPC fundraising target more obvious.[/quote]

I agree with it. I might have tweeted something along the lines of:

“Peercoin is making a new video. Find out about it here”

That gets interested people to click, and then read about the fundraiser project. People have created habits for themselves that if something says “help or donate”, right away they keep moving.

We’re up to 269 PPC so far. I think we’ll get there. It might just take a little time. I’m going to be putting a new Peer4commit sticky on Reddit and on the forum, so that should help drive in some traffic to the supported projects page. People will see it in the list and donate.

Good to come home and see already 269 PPC is donated in 24 hours.

Increase the value of your Peercoins
For those who haven’t donated yet, this is your chance to get some value out of your holdings. Getting Peercoin marketed to a broader group of people who don’t know why they would buy Peercoins or even what it is will eventually cause a stronger coin as at least some of them will buy some coins. A short video is the way to spread the message.

Support for other languages?
We might add subtitles to some copies to get the attention of non-english speakers, but for that we need to exceed the 900 PPC. Please post here if you are interested in translating yourself or in subtitled copies and we’ll come back to you when the final version is created. The more requests the more chance your language will be one of the first.

Don’t forget to donate :slight_smile:

Edit: Almost forgot, here is the donation link again

40 coins from Chinese community on the way. Not much but that’s 1/10 of our fund.
ID: 4e213a163a5c3cadf19aa12f72105802032d81f29f14fa384cd3b748a2e6a2ec

…just in case someone wants to conveniently track the individual progress…

Really excited for this! Got extra pumped when we found out its being made by the guy who created this:

Great choice. Just donated 100 ppc we really want to see this asap!

Transaction ID:

Thanks for your efforts!

Somebody on Facebook wants to donate Bitcoin. What do I tell him?

buy ppc with bitcoin, donate ppc?

Didn’t overkillcoin say he would accept some of his payment in Bitcoin?

Here was his whole quote…

“I would like to donate. Do you have a bitcoin address where I can send? Peercoin 0.3 resolutely refuses to connect to peers on my mac!!”

It seems like he’s having some problems.

maybe he can send the btc to btc-e or some other exchange buy ppc and withdraw them to the donation address

Donation on the way! 48ppc is flying down the digital express. (well, maybe 47 with fee) :slight_smile: