FreeBSD port for v0.6.1

Ok guys, as a followup to my previous post for the v0.5.4 port, here is a port for v0.6.1 attached to this posting. Assuming you download this into ~/Downloads …

cd /usr/ports
tar -zxvf ~/Downloads/peercoin_v0.6.1.tar.gz
cd net-p2p/peercoin
make install clean

This was built on the same jails where I was running v0.5.4, so check that older forum post for bits you might need in /etc/make.conf for this to build. As before, this is built on an older port for v0.4.0 which I updated for v0.5.4 and now v0.6.1, but I didn’t author the original and have only been doing my best to update it, but use at your own risk as I am not a FreeBSD port guru, just a guy who can read and follow the lead of folks who know what they’re doing. That said, have fun!

peercoin_v0.6.1.tar.gz (3.8 KB)


Push to contrib please.

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