FreeBSD port for v0.5.4

Hey folks, I posted over on (which relayed to Twitter) about an update I made to an old v0.4.0 port of peercoin-qt for FreeBSD. On Twitter, @Peerchemist suggested I post here about the updated port, so here I am. I have compiled this successfully in multiple FreeNAS 9.3 jails and it’s running just fine.

This being my first post to this forum, I don’t know if uploads are permitted or if I’m doing this right, but if I am then you should see ppcoin.tgz attached to this post. I extracted this to /usr/ports/coins/ppcoin and it built fine. In my case, given the age of my system (9.3), the ports system whines about unsupported blah blah, so I had to add a few vars to /etc/make.conf to cross the finish line. Here is my /etc/make.conf:


I haven’t observed any ill side effects thus far, and am no expert on any of this, so build/run at your own risk… and enjoy!

ppcoin.tgz (3.6 KB)


for 0.6.1 ?

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Working on it bud, have built it on two different jails and just wrapping up the archive to post. Keep your eyes peeled for a new thread for v0.6.1 port. :slight_smile:

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