Extremely low wallet synchronisation since 2-3 months [resolved]

since few months my wallet is very very low to synchronise with the network, it do like 1 coin by hour!
so the network produce more than that so my wallet have a delay of 7100 PPC now and naturally i can’t mint because i’m not synchronized.
some one have a idea ?
PS: i have move in a another town in february and have a new internet box, before i had the ADSL2 i think, and now i have the fiber so i think this is not a internet speed problem,

thank you for your help


Thanks a lot to Irritant for his help from the Discord server,
the solution is :

-%APPDATA%\Peercoin on windows or ~/.peercoin on linux,
-there you find the blockchain and also your wallet.dat,
-erased all the files, take your backup of the wallet.dat in,
-and now relaunch the wallet and you have to wait the synchronization with the blockchain,

and now everything will be alright

what version of peercoin wallet and what os are you using?

what block are you synchronised to?

i actually have the v0.7.2 and it’s run on my PC on Windows 10,
actually i am at 421’363 blocks on 428’457

After i had find a post to update my wallet (How to upgrade your wallet to V.0.7, thank you), i had upgrade it but:

  1. I didn’t found the right place for the wallet.dat (wich i had backup before uninstall the old wallet),
    but the wallet run without it for the moment,

  2. I have see that i’m already at the number of blocks where my wallet was stuck before the update, and that’s not normal because when we update, the wallet need to upload all the blockchain, right ?
    so did i forget something ?

  3. And finally, my wallet won’t synchronize (just like before), i’m still stuck,

Thank you for the help,
Sorry for the bad English ^^’