How to upgrade your wallet to V.0.7, thank you

How to upgrade your wallet to V.0.7, thank you

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upgrade to peercoin v0.7 is here:

Be sure to back up your wallet.dat file first. Either from the menu, or by copying it when the Peercoin client or daemon is not running.

Still not, I don’t know why, can you give me a specific step, thank you

There are step by step instructions at the provided link. Are you having an issue during install? If so, please let us know what exactly is happening.

Hi Randy,

I also need to upgrade to v.07. If I follow the link you gave to the OP, I am only given the option to download the v.07 wallet and tho install it, just like a new one.
I don’t see an option to simply upgrade my v. 06.

Do I understand correctly that:

  1. I indeed need to install a new v.07 wallet to upgrade my v.06,
  2. This new wallet will automatically include all the data currently in my v.06 wallet (passphrase, passwords, amount of PPC I own, history, etc.)

I have made a backup of the wallet.
I am on Windows 10.

Thanks a lot in advance for your kind answer.
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yes, install v0.7 is how you upgrade. The v0.7 will read your old wallet.dat

yes, your coins (private keys), addresses, password/phrase on your locked wallet are contained in your wallet.dat file (and backup copy if you made any with the app shut down or from menu).

Your history is contained in the blockchain files. You likely have to re-download the blocks/chainstate files because the format changed with v0.7. But once they do, your coins will display in the wallet.

  1. yes
  2. well, yes

the data of your wallet is stored in wallet.dat, which is stored in the datadir, %APPDATA%\Peercoin\wallet.dat (windows) ~/.peercoin/wallet.dat (*nix)

so you need to keep back ups of your wallet.dat, as long as you have that, you can recover it on any system, also after reinstall.
latest version:

Nohea and Irritant, Thank you so much for your quick and helpful answers, this is clear now :grinning:
Best wishes,