Designing the Peercoin Facebook Banner/Cover Photo

Ok, this is something that has been on hold for a while, but it needs to get done and I hope we can figure it out together. We need a banner/cover photo for the Facebook page. The dimensions need to be 851x315. I’m not a Photoshop expert though, so I need help. I tried making up an example below, but it’s going to need some work and some more things added.

First off, the image below is just an example. Black on black doesn’t look that great in my opinion. What I’m really thinking we need is for the avatar to be white and the banner to be black with the Peercoin logo text on top. Something needs to go below the Peercoin text logo and to the right of the avatar, because it’s all empty space. I was thinking we should include the slogan “The secure and sustainable cryptocurrency.” and some other info underneath that, maybe a list of exchanges or links to the main website and forum. This is all up for discussion, so let’s figure it out. The logo files can be downloaded below…

Hey there,

I’m new here but I do have some experience with photoshop and I would like to help but if you could provide me with some details and ideas you want on the banner, I could try to make it work as best as I can.


Hi Guys,

I’m new to the community and i bought a really small amount to learn about PPC and see where it will end. I noticed that there’s not much going on with the online media covers so i want to help with that. I’m still a graphic design student, but i’ve done a couple off small things with social media and corporate identity.

I’m waiting for approval to the community so i could reply in this topic:
Exactly the same as what you were asking, but didn’t see this request before but i think that what i made is still relevant.

So, I already made something based on that topic, off course everything could be modified, let me know.
How it will look on Facebook:

The big banner itself:

The smaller picture:

My feedback on the ideas and i think it’s in both of the topics the same:
First off I got started with the Facebook banner and the smaller icon. In my opinion we have to get rid of the black for several reasons. PPC is green and good for our future with the environmental friendly features, so PPC should be bright and not dark. The twitter background could be changed to someting lighter too.

Secondly, there’s no message board as requested, but the unique features of PPC compared to the other crypto currency and a trigger to read on about PPC and explain it.
The updates and important announcements should be posted as a message. The reason for that is if you’re active on Facebook with updates and posts this will also increase the activity of the online community. People will reply, like or share messages, which will result in more publicity for PPC. If there’s something that’s really special, there’s the announcement feature of Facebook itself, highlight and add a picture with the highlight to increase visibility. I could create the base for that highlight feature and make the billboard idea on that picture so the person holding the facebook account could insert what they want.

Here’s the example for the Facebook page and i’m open for suggestions or changes, just let me know! I took a different well known currency as an example (the red one with the m) and PayPal.

*Edit: i see now that the text that i used is exactly what Sentinelrv wanted to have in the banner, just different in the words to come first. We’re not far off :slight_smile:

Hey guys, so I just finished my version of the facebook banner and avatar and mostly made changes on the banner and added one touch to the light avatar.I added grey leaves to the background which I think give it a nice touch. Your criticism is greatly appreciated. I can always go back and make more changes if the community wants to. avatar


Nice work JetJet13! I really like the grey background with the leaves as detail. Woke up just now and thought i had to do something like that, but you did it perfectly already.

I’ve gone ahead and made it in 180 x 180.

I think the banner isn’t that good, like i said about the black, it’s dark and sober and that shouldn’t be the color that Peercoin should use. Furthermore there’s no need to add Peercoin in it. It’s in the small avatar already and you also see the Peercoin name when you visit the page. So a third time is a bit overkill.

Just my 2c, let’s wait for more feedback from the rest of the community.

Alright thanks for the suggestion, I’ll make some changes to the banner soon.

Hey guys, just created a new facebook banner, tell me what you guys think and if you think it needs changes just leave some details and I’ll get on it. :wink:

Sorry, I haven’t gotten a chance to read these replies yet, but I will. I got busy over the weekend, but here are just some quick thoughts. The banner shouldn’t feature the coin logo, since it’s already shown on the avatar. Now I don’t think that should include the text logo with the little leaf. If it’s a space issue, I personally believe it’s more important to feature a larger version of our text logo than the slogan. While they’re both part of our branding, I think the text logo is more important.

I’m also not really a fan of the little leaves in the background of the avatar. Since it’s such a small size, you wouldn’t really be able to tell they’re leaves anyway, so I’d personally rather just leave them out and keep the background clear.

Adjusted the avatar and cover to your feedback, i hope i got it right. Also a 2nd option with the strong points of Peercoin, you didn’t mentioned that but we have some space for it.




Cover 2:

Combined with cover 2:

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

I personally like Auxilium’s design the most. It looks simple and professional and delivers the main aspects of Peercoin. The black banner looks a bit too dark and green on black is just not very appealing to me. It somehow looks too “alternative”, I can’t find a better word for it right now. Jet’s banner is too playful for my taste (too many colors and symbols).

Just one suggestion for your banner @Auxilium: how about framing the three points with a post-it note or something similar?

Edit (refering to your latest post): I would also prefer to keep some message in addition to the “Peercoin” title, at least energy efficiency should be mentioned somewhere.

My thoughts. take them as you like :slight_smile:

  1. a lighting star effect in the upper right corner of the coin? Making it look extra shiny and special :slight_smile:
  2. Maybe even animate the coin with a lighting effect where the shine rises to the top of the coin where it stays.
  3. For the larger cover the feeling is just too plain to me. Maybe a faded background of something happy. Maybe a revolving world that fades into a Peercoin.
  4. If we just want a non-animated image then I would say use a faded background. maybe with 3 separate scenes with someone sitting eating dinner, someone shopping, and someone at a game or vacation. you get the idea.

Just some thoughts :slight_smile:


I would look at the slogan discussion to see if some of those ideas work for images if you want to include more than just the title peercoin.


Auxilium, cover 2 is looking much better, my favorite so far. I think we should try to fill in that area to the right a little bit. I was thinking we should list the most popular PPC exchanges. And if there’s still more room, maybe links to the website and forum.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

A post it note would limit the size of the text and then it would need a handwritten font, like i used before but i don’t think it will work well. Did a small change, because i agree it didn’t look good enough and it was bulky so this is a new option:

Cover 3:

Looks like this:

I have 3 points now, but we could just do 2 or maybe even 4. I just made these up myself, so might need someone to look at it who knows what our key points are. It’s also a spot for the slogan if needed.

I like the animation idea, but i have no clue how to do that so we will need someone else for that. It’s also not for Facebook, that’s all static.
Here’s an example for the picture, these type of pictures are hard to obtain because of the weird sizes, they have to be bought or special made the most of the time.


With the new setup the room at the right is filled, but if you like a link to a website, it could be added below the key points of Peercoin. I think we have room for 2 websites next to eachother, and centered like the key points. Or, like you said the most popular PPC exchanges, but what are the most popular?

I think the websites are more important than the exchanges. That info is on the website anyway. I would put down and

Cover 3 looks much better now, as it’s indeed not as bulky anymore. :slight_smile:

Adding information about and seems to be a nice idea. And I might also suggest to exchange “Proof of Stake” with “Innovative”, since it’s easier to get for people who just get in touch with Peercoin. What’s your opinion on that?


I would have to agree with that. We need non-technical language in the banner. Innovative is a good replacement. They can learn about pos on the website.

Added the websites, replaced pos with innovative.

Great change indeed, we need to keep it simple to get a bigger community.

Cover 5:

Looks like:

If this is the final design, i’ll upload the files to wetransfer so there’s no quality loss.

I think that’s just perfect. Good job! :slight_smile:

Alright, uploaded the files.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Should we continue with another social media platform? I think twitter might need the same appearance as Facebook.