Crowdmine PPCoin Pool - Beta Testers Wanted

Crowdmine’s PPCoin pool will soon be opening to the public. Presently we are looking to recruit a small group of volunteers (around 10-25) to stress test the server. At this point we are 99% certain that everything is rock-solid, but as always it is difficult to be completely certain without the server having experienced a decent amount of traffic.

Here is a breakdown of the pool’s features:

[ul][li]Stratum mining protocol for fewer rejected/stale shares.[/li]
[li]Pay-Per-Last-N-Shares (PPLNS) reward system.[/li]
[li]1.5% fee - among the lowest![/li]
[li]0.5% block reward - taken from the 1.5% fee.[/li]
[li]Security: SSL, DDoS/XSS protection, PIN-protected address.[/li][/ul]

As a perk for participating in the beta test, there will be a reward of 5 PPCoins for each 200MH/s brought to the pool at the end of the first block discovered.* This is of course on top of the rewards you earn from mining. If you are interested, then please PM me here. *Note: MH/s calculated as an average for the entire round. Maximum of 20 PPC per person. [size=8pt]Edit: Round 1 is over.[/size]

Congratulations on the pool :slight_smile:

are you currently up and running? i can point my miners there in an hour or so if you are ready?


Thanks, FuzzyBear! I’ll PM you the link.

Hey I’m interested in throwing 7GH/s your way for testing. Let me know!

YeOldeMiner, check your PM. :slight_smile:

Willing to test with 90 to 100GH Pm me details. Will be home in an hours time will able to test for you.

crazyearner - PM’d :slight_smile:


i would be very much interested in beta testing this pool!

PM’d !

nice layout and design, looking good so far just put miner on for a little while :slight_smile:

Hey, I might be able to throw like 10GH your way :wink:

alnoor1231, great! Check your PM :smiley:

The beta is going great so far! The pool has 0 stales out of 189635 shares. One bug has been squashed (thanks to YeOldeMiner and crazyearner for pointing it out). Yesterday I implemented manual difficulty settings for workers, as requested by crazyearner.

Send me a PM I will take a look. Hopefully it will not steal my rewards like multipool did …

Thanks sahkan. We definitely won’t steal your shares. :slight_smile:

Another update: more stats have been added (user rankings by speed and shares). Block stats will be coming once we have found our first block. Thanks to DarthNoodle for requesting this.

i request that we find our first block soon please :stuck_out_tongue: though may be here a while with the current hashrate :confused:


[quote=“FuzzyBear, post:15, topic:305”]i request that we find our first block soon please :stuck_out_tongue: though may be here a while with the current hashrate :confused:

You got it. I will have that done by the end of the weekend.

Hear, hear! :smiley:
Thanks everyone for all of the great support and constructive feedback so far!

Based on feedback and some discussion, we’ve decided to change the fee structure and # of confirmations. The fee will now be 1.5%, which is competitive with other PPC pools. In addition, 0.5 of that will go to the block finder. The number of confirmations will now be 520.

hopping back on :slight_smile: had few ups n downs lately but sorted them out

Mined on this pool for bout 2 days and nothin… Best of luck ppl.