Closed: Which 16x16 Replacement PPC Icon Would you Like to be Featured on CoinMarketCap?

Edit: Voting is closed, #2 wins.

As reported in this thread, the high quality Peercoin logo on doesn’t really look that great when sized down to a 16x16 icon…

I agree that the sized down version doesn’t look that great, so I want to hold a poll to see which icon you’d like to replace it with.

Check out the following replacements and post the number of the one you want to vote for along with your reasoning.

I personally think the minimal versions in #3 and #4 are improvements over the original, but I think it’s still too difficult to tell what I’m looking at. On the other hand, with #2 it’s pretty clear that I’m looking at a small Peercoin leaf. #2 is visually clear and recognizable, where the others are too small and harder to see. We have also used this leaf on all Peercoin related marketing and branding, in all logos: Peercoin, Peerunity, Peershares & Peerbox, also on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and our website.

In addition to the P, the leaf symbol also represents Peercoin, therefore I’m voting for #2.

i like number two its a fitting logo for a environmentally friendly coin

Another vote for 2, although I’m fine with the current one, but some distinction won’t hurt.

2 it is for me.

4 because it is the most recognizable.


The leaf does not look like a coin, and the others dont look mature or stand out.
I think this one would stand out the most, and looks like a backbone currency

A couple things here:

  1. It doesn’t need to look like a coin. As you can see from CoinMarketCap, there are plenty of logos on there that don’t look like a coin.

  2. The leaf is a symbol that also represents Peercoin, besides the P symbol.

  3. The image of the logo you posted is for Peerunity, not Peercoin. This is our wallet logo. It’s separate branding and would lead to confusion if it was shown next to Peercoin, instead of Peerunity.

  4. Nevertheless, I added it into the image below as #5 and in my opinion it’s too light and shiny in areas and hard to see…

I like the leaf (#2). I don’t like #3 and #4.

A quick source edit attempt with crypto_coiner’s suggestion rendered me this,
but would probably look better made smaller properly in a picture editor. I see potential in the idea anyhow. Edit: Sentinelrv’s argument about brand confusion seems sound though.

Vote for #2 in the meantime!

I thought #4 would look good.

I vote for number two since it’s easily distinguishable once you look at the list.

Smart move doing it like this instead of just posting the logos.

Thanks Sent and jooize for your suggestions -
What about this one?

Otherwise, I think your suggestions are sound - Perhaps the leaf could work eventually

My vote: #2

#2 or #4 for me.




#2 for me

Number two works best at a small size. The other ones have too much detail to be viewed small.

So my vote is…



it is the most catchy and will generate the most klicks.
Although Environmentally-friendliness is only a side aspect of Proof-of-stake.

Since the word “Peer” is part of the coinname, and the coinname is also displayed at coinmarketcap, the symbol used at coinmarketcap doesn’t need the “P”.