Buying PPC for paypal

i would like to invest some money in PPC . Does anybody sell it and at what price?
I would like to invest 80 $.
Any offers , just PM.

I don’t recommend any transactions with Paypal. The user above can issue charge back. But then they have your coins and you have no money.
Never use Paypal or other independent person when purchasing or selling crypto-coins. Stick to the exchanges. And if you need some coins, go to an exchange, don’t trust folks over forum.

I couldn’t agree more, I’ve heard a few tales of people getting ripped off. Also, you’ll probably be paying over the odds.

Paypal and cryptocoins just don’t mix.

There must be a round about way of buying with paypal… I would have thought something along the lines of use Paypal to buy an Amazon gift card and then selling the amazon card on for PPC… though i see people having issues selling amazon gift cards etc… but maybe someone could outline this process.

Well yes there is a way, but it’s not very good.

You send the amount to seller using Paypal. Seller then waits 60 days before sending you coins. Chargeback period expires after 60 days, so seller is safe.

[quote=“garson1, post:1, topic:63”]Hello!
i would like to invest some money in PPC . Does anybody sell it and at what price?
I would like to invest 80 $.
Any offers , just PM.[/quote]Garson1 do you have any other methods of payment? I would be willing to buy now and do Paypal, but I would have to hold on to your coins for 60 days before sending them to protect myself.

Hi, I new here… I know it can’t mix, but someone can trade? PPC for PayPal?.. but only for someone than have good reputation, like the administrator FuzzyBear or maybe Super3. I want to buy a little… is my first time with cryptoecurrency :wink: you can help? ;D ;D someone want to sell some of PPC? like 1$USD or 2$USD, $4, $5? I don’t will chargeback/refund 1$ or 2$USD you know >.>

I think we can propose the reputation method or something, and open a post for the transaction, what are you think?.. yes hear me out. Some people don’t want send the coin right? so… why don’t open a post for the transaction, and everyone know who with who are trading and all the details… and everyone knows who is the scammer … if the guy don’t pay the coin or chargeback… well you may ban the person using their IP addr or so. Of course this method is only for people which are already known and have high karma or reputation like administrator, moderator, etc … what are you think about this?

if someone wants to donate :smiley:


I would be willing to sell coins for Paypal, but note that these coins will be at a premium price and have a wait period.

Lol :o hmm you say is a premium price because I’m a new guy in cryptocurrerncy? ;D or because is very high price?? :frowning: oh! come on… neither for 1$ dollar?? all these restrictions… Not exist some company doing this?

Ok what is you proposal? how much days, price, etc? But if only an admin or moderator with good reputation are on you side… I can trade with you a few dollars.


I’m also interested in working out a similar arrangement in a small quantity but only with trusted and established personnel.

Not looking to take all the coins nor send hundreds of dollars. Just looking to find a quicker way to gain some coins while I wait for my money to make it to the exchanges.

I may be interested in this. Would you PM me a price?



I’d like to get started with this, and would be willing to moneygram or western union a small amount to an established poster here to get started.

Not sure if I can accept PM’s yet - but if I can (brand new user here) - I’d like to start with a small amount.

Hey guys,
I’m new here but what about this:
I thought about it and the problem is that as a seller I don’t know which address I am given (maybe with typos?).
Lets say I want to sell 100 BTC.
I can open a wallet with the buyer’s email (or one that he supplied), fill it with 100 BTC and give the pass to the seller.
He then can change the password.
At this point, if he has the coins, he’s set.
If not - it means I stole it, and he can resolve it.
This way you can show u sent it to the wallet,
and that he used it.
It can work if it’s worth it (big transactions or big intrest).
Am I missing something…?

Hey guys,
WTB 100 PPC with Paypal money too…
contact me please.

Can write statement that i won’t chargeback the money or something else if its possible.

someone sell via paypal ?

I want to buy some prime coin, can i use visa? thanks, paypal is ok for me. please pm

[quote=“Stabs”]anyone got actual stories about personally getting ripped off by paypal cause i havn’t seen much mentioned here. is it just a bunch of parrot talk about horror tales?

cause i got one about how someone sold me a cd-key that didnt work and paypal told me to go pound sand[/quote]
Yes i have personally been ripped off by paypal and caused all sorts of issues, froze funds, locked down my ebay account, locked out 2 of my friends paypal accounts as they had sent me some funds 2 days prior and were “linked” to my account. This was 10 years ago now… resolution was I out of pocket £3000 or $5000 and have not touched them since.

Also …!


ive bought a stack of stuff through ebay over the years not one chargeback, and everything i have ordered has been received, PM even for that record please, ill update my profile or something to add a saying of your choice as confirmation.

one person story against another, but really if they were that evil do you think they would be still standing after this long.