Bundled minting blocks

Just wondered whether others have noticed that minting tend to be bundled on a single day/short period instead of widely spread. It can sometimes take days or more than a week to mint a single block in my wallet and suddenly two or even three very close together, sometimes even subsequent occur. Is this perhaps a built-in bias in the protocol or is it just sheer coincidence in my wallet?

It would have to come down to the stake modifier, which as far as i understand samples bits from past blocks to assemble the entropy for your mint chance. It’s possible there’s a pattern, but i highly doubt it would be such that you could observe it so simply. While I’m not entirely certain, what you report is most likely coincidence and observer bias.

Happy to accept that if no one else is reporting this.

Yes it should just be coincidence and observer bias. Otherwise we would see the same instabilities on the blockchain itself.

i’d say random and a little bit of pos difficulty. When the diff is low, aka less zeros needed, you have a higher chance to mint.
If anything, hash algoritmes are designed to have different output when even 1 bit of input is different. So having the first x digits of your hash to have zeros is a true find in itself.

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