BTW, does anyone know something called "Bitcoin prime"?

Hi guys. You know I brought some Primecoin myself recently. When I was watching the price, I noticed there was a pump like two months ago (and the price is getting back again), and it seemed to be caused by something called “bitcoin prime”.

Does anyone know anything about it?

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It is a fxxking scam. A bunch of cheaters.:rage:

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What, really?

language dude! You could not blame them too much. Them just want to earn some money, just like me. We are all speculators, Yeah! Though, I do not think it is a good idea to Cheat or Copy.

Assume Matic must lose some money when Primecoin was forked. Someone needs to take actions to prevent another fork. Haha

Yeah, Bitcoin Prime is a kind of “cheat”, they want to update the primecoin(forked from bitcoin Ver 0.8.6) to Ver 0.16 and fork again from bitcoin or primecoin to make a new blockchain.

However the idea to update the primecoin is not a bad idea and I also work on it. The difference between me and bitcoin prime team is they want to make a new blockchain and I just want to make the primecoin better. I really believe what I am doing is in the right path.

To be honest, I had some contact with one of the members in there team whose GitHub ID is theapplicainist. I must say he is good developer and we should all thank him do the majority work to update the

And @Shun, I noticed that you wish there was a foundation of primecoin. These days, quite a few developers send email to me to talk about the foundation of the primecoin. I do not know to much about finance, but I know we do need a bunch of money to maintain a foundation. May there be one in the near future.

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Hey all, I think there is no need to speculate their progress. Their team is active and they have released a mission statement a few days ago. Time will tell.
In the mean time, I think we can all agree that it is a good thing that people are working on Primecoin and it is a laborious task. I know that @HarryeTian and one of my teammate are working on updating the source codes. Why don’t we work together and also invite anyone who are interested in the project to join us.

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Hmm…with more replies I got more confused. Any more ideas? @Matic can you give more details?

Thanks dude! Looking forward to it, and tell me what I can do for it!

I bought some primecoins and expected the price would go up, however, when the primecoin was forked, the price tanked.

You mean the fork has already happened? But it seems they are always saying “SOON” and yet nothing happens? Besides recently they are saying there may not be a fork?

Hey Shun,glad to see u again!Any new games to come?:grin:

HAHA,I also want a new game, I will win this time!

No way! The Prime coin is as good as $10000 each, even better than bitcoin in the future. If the bitcoinprime makes the price down, I must do something to stop it!!!

Sure, the prize has been kept secure! Won’t be too long I guess.

Try your best this time LOL!

Happened or not, I lost money, I hate this.

Then do sth.

I am trying my best, you can PM me if you want to join my team and do something by yourself.