BTW, does anyone know something called "Bitcoin prime"?


You too.


Well, it’s a long story, so I did not reply earlier. At first a guy called Rhett tweeted that he would like to fork Primecoin and Bitcoin into “Bitcoin Prime”. Since he is kind of “serial forker”, and in the history some coins’ prices rose a lot because of the news (and then back again), many people wished Primecoin would do the same, and they hurried to buy the coin. The price did go up because of this, and yet hardly any more movement came out from Rhett. Without doubt, the price came down, and many people lost money. I guess @Matic is one of them.

Recently they announced a new vision, saying they would update Primecoin first and consider the fork issue later. In my opinion, this is anyway better for Primecoin itself.


Rhett, NOOO! How can someone do this to Primecoin?