Bitcoin and greater fool theory


I also think we are close to the top of the bubble. The only thing that is missing is a final spike up that lifts the Bitcoin price up by several thousand dollars within only a few days. Once Bitcoin will be above $10.000 in can crash any time even without a final spike up.

What do you expect for Peercoin during the crash and thereafter? I hope that Peercoin will be stronger during the next crypto bear market compared to most other alts, because we do not have so many get-rich-quick bagholders like the heavily promoted and pumped altcoins.

Well, one thing going for us is that we have many more interested developers on the team to continue moving us forward than we did in the previous bear market.

yes. :thumbsup:
And our devs are volunteers with no conflicts of interest.


ICOs are going to need to be careful not to burn through all of their funds. If they do before turning a profit, then they will be finished, unless they have volunteer developers that will work without being paid.