Bigest PPC exchange ( is offline

It looks like the page got seized by the US Government. I doubt that we will get our funds back…
What do you guys think about Blocknet?

Everyone who’s affected by it should sign this petition!

Just because the US government seized the domain name doesn’t mean that they have control of the money.


Well, I lost all my PPC/fiat. I’m doubtful that I’ll ever see it again and I think I’m done with crypto. It’s sort of like losing a child. I spent years trading PPC (my favorite coin), and happened to get caught with it all in BTC-e at the wrong time. What a shame too, since I’m sure many innocent traders only used BTC-e since it was one of the only exchanges when crypto became popular. And because of it’s reliability. And it was surely one of the few exchanges where peercoin had any volume for trading.


Well they’ve just emptied their ethereum wallet…

Need to create a Petition, to block transactions from this wallet.

I am loser and very sad too, my majoy coin is ppc and most in btce, I started to buy PPC since the end of 2013 when the price was around $5, if i hold other coin even it’s a terrible coin, I can get some profit. What can i do after btce closed? somebody give me guidelines.

you should watch these btc-e wallets for movements:



On July 25, 11:00 the FBI staff came to the data center where our server equipment was located and seized all equipment, the servers contained databases and purses of our service.

Almost for 6 days we could not get from our hosting provider the sane information, what happened to our servers because of this information we publish only now.

July 28, the domain was confiscated.

At the moment, part of the service facility is arrested by the FBI.

The next update will be information on what options are available to restore the service, as well as the procedure for obtaining funds, in the event that the service is not started. In the current situation, if the service is not started before the end of August, Then from September 1 we will start the process of refund.
In the next 1-2 weeks, we will evaluate and publish information about how much money fell into the hands of the FBI and what amount of funds is available for return.

For all those who buried us, I will remind you that the service has always worked on trust and we are ready to answer for it.
The funds will be returned to everyone!

Arrest of the Russian Vinnyk Alexandra:
Officially declare - Alexander was never the head or employee of our service.

Sincerely, btc-e


Well that’s good news.

hot wallet has been emptied:

About 811,000 PPC on the move! Or to put that in context, about 3.34% of the current entire supply of PPC.

Quite a big deal.

Could these PPC be heading to FBI wallets? And if so, will we see the US govt. auction these PPC in the future?

Interesting times.


Refund my PPC!


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All about BTC-e here

Looks like a new update;

Goodbye BTC-e, hello ???

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