Bigest PPC exchange ( is offline

Hope all will be OK. He is not a only admin.

BTC-e hacked Mtgox :slight_smile:

It says here it should be about 5-10 days…

“38-year-old has been running a criminal organization which administers one of the most important websites of electronic crime in the world”

Is anybody here actually affected by this?

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Sentinelrv, I was affected. And I think a lot of PPC traders. PPC where has PPC/BTC and PPC/USD…

Well let’s hope they get it back up again within the 5-10 days like they said. Even if it does come back online, I think we should all make an effort from now on to use other exchanges that support Peercoin trading. Having the majority of our trade volume go through one exchange is dangerous, as we can see here.


I’m affected

Holy Shit! I knew this would happen someday and still and so I’ve been trapped inside. :sweat::sweat::sweat:
I think is time to leave centralized exchanges which end up stolen, hacked, closed, scammed …
There are good solutions decentralitzed, for example: Bitsquare:
It is a great app.
Decentralized exchanges are the future and is the right thing to use.
It makes no sense to use decentralized currencies in centralized exchanges


I has a bad experience with bitsquare…
The undated wallet has removed my bids without any refond.
I think better for PPC is to have Personal exchange… like DEX in Waves Platform. Or like

I have a whole load of coins on BtC-e (PPc, NVC and BTC) about $5k worth so im a little worried right now. I normally keep them in offline wallets but I thought I would do some trading. Bad timing I guess…

First time I heard a bad experience using Bitsquare.
You don’t write the admin telling your problem? I know the first developer personally I’m sure he is fair people.

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Bitshares DEX would be nice to have a few pairings like PPC/BTS, PPC/BTC, and PPC/bitUSD. I tried using their exchange for some other smaller marketcap asset trades, but the volume just wasn’t there compared to something like Bittrex. For some pairings, you would be lucky to see 5 trades through-out the day. Bittrix would be like grand-central-station for traffic.

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My PPC most is in this BTC-E, my god…

никогда более я не испытывал ненависти к пиндостану как сейчас:ярость:

BTC-e servers was in USA? What have USA with russian citizens ?

Виталя, разве не их длинный нос засунутый во все мировые процессы привел нас результату не работающей биржи? США не хочет терять монополию на производство мукулатуры в виде долларов и отправки их на томогавках в страны не желающие их принимать.

If all PPC in btce are lost, what will happen to PPC?

No any PPC will be lost. PPC will be moved to FBI wallets