Best time to buy Peercoin is now while BTC-USD is low

In my opinion and forecast, now is a good time to buy Peercoin why it is low.

I explained my reasons on this steemit post:

I am up to 70 followers there and will continue promoting Peercoin outside the forum.

For the 5th Year Celebration, I still need volunteers.Please PM (private message) me on this forum so we can work out arrangements. The time is getting closer, and I hope you consider donating some time.

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Very nice

From one of the responses:

I have been waiting ages to get into Peercoin but with so many promising cryptos to keep an eye on it is almost impossible to keep up with buy opportunities.

There are so many distractions in crypto. To make matters worse, cryptocurrency investors often suffer from short attention spans and impulsivity. IMO, this is because they are mostly young-ish and high in the personality trait Openness, which means they are highly creative people drawn to novelty. (Let’s set aside the plain idiots and the highly cynical traders who prey on idiots.)

It’s difficult to imagine how a classic, low-key coin like peercoin can get ahead in such an environment. It may be that peercoin will not get noticed by peaking highest during hype-mania phases, but rather by surviving bear market after bear market. (When the tide goes out, you can tell who’s swimming naked.) As time passes, more mature investors, who are higher in personality trait Conscientiousness, will move into the space. They will be less driven by curiosity and their criteria for ranking coins will be different. More favorable to peercoin.

That’s the optimistic scenario. But it makes sense, doesn’t it? We can already see that the budding crypto index funds are including “coin age” as a criterion for inclusion. And if you say “Show me coins that are at least 3 years old, mineable, and not premined,” then you end up with a very different list than the main page of One with peercoin much closer to the top. We simply don’t have that many people in the space who are behaving with that level of discernment. Yet.

Think of a large city. There are neighborhoods that are really cheap and ghetto. Traditional folks don’t move there because of their values: they like order and cleanliness. But the Creatives love those neighborhoods. They’re cheap and no one cares what you do there, so they can create art. They open cafes and art galleries. Renovate spaces. Do urban gardening. Experiment. Once the Creatives “colonize” the neighborhood, they bring some order and beauty to it. Property values begin to go up. Then the Yuppies move in because it’s a hip neighborhood. More businesses move in to service the Yuppies. Property values go up more. Finally, the Traditionals move in once the place is clean and boring enough. The Creatives are priced out by now and they go searching for the next bombed-out ghetto to explore.

What we have in crypto today is still a majority of Creatives who are running around experimenting and chasing novelty. But the Yuppies are moving in now. These are the bankers, doctors, and lawyers (who JUST LOVE ETHEREUM!!!), but the Traditionals are coming. Small firms. Large firms. Organizations. They’re going to be much more conservative in what kind of investments they make. Will they see the value in peercoin? Will it be too late? Is peercoin caught between worlds? Too traditional of a coin to appeal to the hot money, but still too marginal to attract more conservative investors? What was the correct strategy? Was peercoin supposed to try to create hype and ride it long enough for conservative investors to find it? I don’t know.

Let’s place some bets.

@rechtsanwalt I appreciated your take. That’s right, huge corporations, especially financial power houses love Ethereum. I’m glad they do, because I’d rather they not like Peercoin. :slight_smile:

Truly decentralized blockchains that may seem hampered because of lack of marketing funds by ICOs and pre mines are truly decentralized. That’s one problem, but is it really a problem when you consider we’re not a over hyped coin?

Talk is cheap, and hype is cheap. True revolutionary blockchains are very hard to create.

It is coins exactly like Peercoin that can stand the test of time because of fairness of distribution and we’ve seen that…

When you consider 63% of the top 100 are premined or ICO coins on coinmarketcap, it becomes quite a startling figure. Now when you look at the remaining 37% which includes Peercoin, how many of those remaining 37% brought true innovation and are scale able? How many of the 63% hyped premined/ico coins have fought bear markets and stood the test of time? (Those 63% don’t do well during bear markets, They require a lot of hype to keep momentum)

The speculation of coins and building features is the value most amateur tranders put into chains today, but I fully expect a major shift to occur at some point soon. The same things that makes Proof-of-stake secure is what can make Peercoin do very well in the end…

In order to try and dominate Peercoin, you have to own a lot of Peercoin. Which is contradictory to wanting to attack Peercoin. Why attack some thing you are the large owner of? It’s self defeating and that is exactly how I like it.

[I wanted to elaborate here about the Ethereum Alliance and the suspicious member motives, but I’d rather not. We’ll keep focusing on Peercoin in this reply]

Traditionals are coming. Small firms. Large firms. Organizations. They’re going to be much more conservative in what kind of investments they make. Will they see the value in peercoin?

I agree with you, and I think they will. Truly intelligent people who do their own research have stood wit Peercoin for a very, very, long time. Evidence of this is some of our long term community members and supporters. I’ve met quite a few over the years in conversation and I continue to get surprised how many people in the crypto world look favorably upon Peercoin that you bump into every day that you didn’t even know they were closet peercoiners… and I should quality that…

A lot of people might not be talking about Peercoin, but they DO hold it in their portfolio and they’re not getting rid of it any time soon. Even if you don’t see them here on his forum or things they say in public.

What was the correct strategy? Was peercoin supposed to try to create hype and ride it long enough for conservative investors to find it?

Hype is short term. Stability and scale ability are long term attractions. We do better at stability and scale ability, so I’m against full blown hype. However some hype is needed (like our 5th year celebration) but I wouldn’t even call that hype. I’d call that legitimate acknowledgment of our accomplishmentsthat has been earned by our historical performance. That’s different than just “hype”.

People seem to be getting tired of Roadmaps. We just want things built that work today.

Hopefully 0.6 coming soon isn’t just features thrown in that are hype-able, but instead, really good features that bring even more strength to our chain. I haven’t tried 0.6 yet or seen it work yet on the testnet, so I don’t know.

What I do know, is that those devs do read these forums, including your post, and mine, and are aware of how critically important it is to continue our long term trend of scale ability and stability, and I believe they are ultra careful to preserve those aspects when they create the 0.6 version of Peercoin.

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