Best Pools - Opinions?

Looking for some input from the users here on what pools they’ve had the best experience on, and why.

I’ve been away from the mining scene for awhile and upon have found that there aren’t many pools with any sizable hash rate remaining. It seems there are a lot of small ones still up and running, but with little or no activity at all.

To add there is a service I setup here to monitor who is generating the blocks, POS and POW

all works off the address so unless the address is known / verified etc then there will be no name shown but most main pools are there. If you spot an address that is a pool you know then please let me know and I’ll add it to the code.

[member=903]craslovell[/member] if you do not get much of a reply from miners then maybe write a review for the PPC pools (you can get paid for this in both PPC and DVC if published in Devtome and I may be able to send some PPC your way for such a review.


I was using ecoining for about a week, but they crash nightly and shares just go missing. There is something seriously wrong with that pool. I’m using D7 right now and I really don’t like how long it takes to get payout, a few days do to high confirmation requirement and the slowness of solved blocks, 1 a day on average. With that said, I did the math and it adds up, you get less blocks but a much bigger share so it evens out in the long run. They also seem free from those pesky pool hoppers. Overall I’m satisfied for now but still looking into other options. I would be interested to know what else is out there.

Ok, I have found another very active pool with a low 0% fee and super fast confirmations, looks like they also find multiple blocks a day. The Pool is called Fixx PeerCoin Pool. If you want to use it please note their web address has changed to from their old .ru domain. The instructions on the website about how to connect to the pool are outdated because of this domain switch. The correct address to connect to is stratum+tcp://

The stratum address is very important because if you connect to the old .ru address like the site tells you to your shares will fly off into nowheres land.

Not a bad idea FuzzyBear, I’m testing some of them out again now so I can provide detailed feedback. By the way, looks like took a nose dive in the past few days :frowning:

I have been mining at Ecoining for over 1.5yrs and have never had any problems. Paumiau has always been a honest, trustworthy admin and take’s care of the problem as fast as he can. I know here in the past few weeks/months there have been many attempts to attack the pool which has caused some issues. Paumiau keeps the pool secure and safe from most attacks he is a security expert when it comes to the digital world. The only other pool I have trusted or cared to use when or if Ecoining goes down is D7 the pay outs may take 3 days but never heard anything bad about them or had issues with them.

Hi people!

Two weeks ago, I had some problems with the pool. I could not repair it as fast as I wanted because I was out his days. But the pool normally remains very stable
As Aquatron says the pool sometimes receives attack attempts :frowning: I do not understand the reason: The Ecoinng pool isn’t a big business is only a hobby, like mining… I respect the others pools, and I always try to work the best way I know and honestly.

[member=32683]intristin[/member]: I have daily database backup from the last 30 days. if you don’t receive some payout please send an e-mail to or using the support form on telling me the days & hours that you are mining. I send you the ppcs have been unpayed