Best hardware for mining at home

Based on everything I have read I have determined that mining with a raspberry pi 3 will never result in a reward. What hardware would y’all recommend to setup at home to mine that isn’t crazy expensive but would still be able to generate coins?

the rpi is mainly used as a controller to host miners, running cgminer and connecting to the asics through USB.
lately there haven’t been any miners available

for peercoin a raspberry is a nice solution for minting (PoS), because it uses little power

latest are, and i guess the gekkoscience compac

i did a quick calculation, assuming you pay $0.10 for one kilowatthour , and it really is not profitable anymore to mine, the margins are too small: when buying bitmain hardware for $365, it will give you a profit of $0.05 per day, after spending $3.10 on electricity (so you make $3.15 worth of bitcoin a day), with 4.73 TH , and predictions are it takes 7530 days to get your investment returned, altho this can change depending on difficulty

have a look at also

ps. did you seriously try cpu mining with your raspberry?

yep, but mainly just to see how difficult it was to set it up and join a pool. I was running cpuminer on a raspberry pi 3 and joined ecoining peercoin pool. my hashrate was so low i dont think they even counted me. ;D

which version of cgminer did you use? i dont think i could find one that supports cpu mining still, gpu mining is also not supported anymore by cgminer, maybe back at version 2.9.6 it still had support for those, now oldest available from is 4.0

maybe you should start a museum ::slight_smile:

Any idea if you can use this guy on peercoin?
Probably just point it to a ppc pool?

They mention you can connect an Antminer U3, any idea if future miners will still be supported?

idk if it will support future miners, the image says “U3 only”
was going to say it should work on ppc pools , but i read somewhere it was pool locked to antpool, dont know if that is still true