Anyone still maintaining Primecoin?

I am in my second year postgraduate math studies and came across Primecoin. Being a fan of blockchain I decided to delve deeper. I find the idea and implementation of it fascinating. After doing research on prime numbers and reading the source codes, I am convinced that Sunny King, whoever he/she is, must be a genius among geniuses. It takes a good theoretical mathematician and and seasoned programmer to write something as beautiful as this, and following King’s train of thought and see how he manages the problems he must have met during development blew me away!

However, I see that the codes were not updated for years and still resembles Bitcoin’s structure from the old days. It would be such a shame if this chain is simply abandoned, while it is probably superior in all ways in terms of PoW, minting design, transaction capacity and confirmation speed, except for maybe the level of security(marginally). Why is this coin valued as it is today and is there anyone who is still looking after this technology?

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That is, any idea why King left this coin unattended? I know there is a proposed merge-fork, but since nothing has been updated for the past two months I don’t see it happening anytime soon if at all.

yes some people are still working on it, there is a telegram group and a #primecoin room on

Hi Chen:

Hope all is well with your studies. Sunny King is indeed an exceptionally talented individual.

As Irritant pointed out there is a team working on the Primecoin itself as well as a merge fork. However, their progress has not been substantial and they are primarily focused on peripherals surrounding Primecoin. King did not maintain his codes after ensuring its stable operation. He then moved on to working on his new project VEE. It is possible that he is involved in the maintenance of PPC as well, but it is mostly handled by other people.

In fact, I am very interested in this project myself, and a few similarly minded friends will also volunteer their time maintaining XPM. We are a separate entity from all other teams and I want to borrow your thread to make this announcement. There will be regular updates to both the development of source codes and to additional functions and peripherals. We also want to open a new forum for XPM as I believe it deserve its own community, instead of shared with PPC.

Please keep an eye out for our future announcements. Me and my team will soon be active on this forum and on other platforms. Any questions and/or suggestions are welcome. With the help of the community we give this aged chain a new life!

Osamu Yamamoto


Totally agree. Sunny King is a genius among geniuses and XPM is a very fascinating project. I heard he is now working on VEE which might be a groundbreaking project in blockchain industry. But it is such a shame to leave XPM unattended. I also wish to open a new forum on XPM and have already got some friends on board. You would be welcome if you join us.

Hey! Chen!

Yep, there are still someone still maintaining Primecoin. As far as I know, the primecoin client is still running well on my PC.

And I do not think that King left this coin unattended. In my opinion, as Yamamoto said King just did not maintain his codes after ensuring its stable operation, if someone can do something to update the coin or make it better. King maybe come back and have a look after or maybe in the same time his new VEE project. If I were King, I would not just let the Primecoin go, I will at least care about what happen to it in every couple of days.

So I believe, if Yamamoto or Extrem can really do something fancy, King will notice that and come back, maybe he or she can also give some brand-new genius idea to the Primecoin someday.

By the way, I am also interested in the primecoin, and I know how to code. If anyone or any group want to work for primecoin, I can help.

Hey Yamamoto: Looking forward to your updates! Let me know if I could help in any way. Would love to part of this!

Hey Yamamoto, I am a developer and XPM holder. It would be great if I could join you.

I am a Primecoin enthusiast. Let me know the forum as soon as it is set up. Thanks.

I am a Primecoin enthusiast. Let me know this forum when it is set up. Thanks.

Hi guys! Just now my friend posted something here but strangely it disappeared. Anyway, happy to see you guys coininuing working on such an unique but undiscovered coin.

And we notice that the fifth anniversary of primecoin is approaching. Why don’t we make some noise so other people will also come?We think maybe a game quiz, what do you think?

Hi guys! Been watching this coin for quite a while, cause I found it so unique. Even though five years has passed, not even one similar coin in the whole market. Glad to hear there are people continuing working on it, for otherwise it would be really a shame.

And HEY, I just noticed the fifth anniversary is approaching! Why don’t we make some noise so other people may also pay attention to this coin? How does a quiz sound?

OK this is my friend… His post finally came out :slight_smile:

That would be marvelous. Is there any prize?

hmm…why not? Quiz with prizes are much more exciting. I’ve brought some coins recently, can donate them for the prize! :grin:

Count me in:grinning:

Cool! I’m in.
Any details?

I opened a new thread. Still thinking about it. You all can jump in with your ideas~

Hi Chen, sorry about the delayed reply.
I would be thrilled if you could contribute your mathematic expertise to our project. You can email me at and we can continue our conversation that way. Thanks for your interest.