[ANNOUNCEMENT] New Peercoin client called PeercoinOG

New Peercoin client called PeercoinOG

This client is compatible with the Peercoin network as long as SegWit is not activated. If SegWit goes live on the network this client will be updated with a checkpoint that will reject the SegWit fork. We hope that forking won’t be necessary due to lack of support for SegWit, but we must prepare for the worst. If push comes to shove we hope most users will gather behind PeercoinOG and a Segwit free chain.

Feel free to check it out at:

DISCLAIMER: PeercoinOG is NOT endorsed by the Peercoin Team or the Peercoin Foundation.


Does it signal?

This code was analysed by peercoin team? It is safe? Is not yet in official git account.

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It’s not official, it’s third-party client.

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All the code added to PeercoinOG is reviewed and accepted by me.

It does not since the client is a pure defense against a looming SegWit attack on Peercoin.

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Will this client support the PeerAssets protocol?

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You are free to contribute with a pull request, but the main purpose of this client is to fork away if SegWit activates on the Peercoin network.

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Maybe a better description on the Github page about pros and cons of segwit would be useful. I’m thinking to myself why couldn’t I trust the existing peercoin team/client to make the right decision and it’s not clear to me why I should switch to this new client.

Stating what made you build this in the first place might be beneficial aside from I’m afraid of something which might or might not come?

If it’s a mirror copy of the existing client it will be maintained forever in parallel just in case segwit comes even if the peercoin team does not want segwit and for the next x years until you feel comfortable that the threat has passed?

Note that I have not been following anything about segwit but if you’re looking for mass adoption of PeercoinOG more details would be useful.

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I made this client since some people are pushing for SegWit in Peercoin. You have to do your own research to find out if you are for or against SegWit. If you are against SegWit like me, you now have a client to run that will fork off if SegWit activates on the Peercoin network.

That’s not something we can talk about yet, but we will when the time is right.

@sandakersmann, As I undestanded PPC don’t need SegWit, the block size is unlimited?
But SegWit is need for Lightning Networks? that is a good idea for PPC… IMHO

Segwit is not needed for lightning, but it is the fastest way there. Lightning is useful for PA and other applications. Keeping up with a modern codebase is important, if OG can do that, then it may garner support. I don’t think ‘attack’ is the right word for any of this, it doesn’t have to be antagonistic.

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Interesting development, will follow this thread and any further developments on Github.
It is good to have choices over having choices been made for you. Looking forward to further pros and cons of “to Segwit or not to Segwit” on the Peercoin blockchain.

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@Cybnate You can follow the SegWit discussion here: Fixing transaction malleability on peercoin

PeercoinOG v0.6.4 is now released :tada:

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My VMWare is freezing when I try to compile on Ubuntu 18.04:

On Windows QT-creator no any chance:

Anybody have a .deb or .exe version? (just for testing)

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Should not be any difference between Peercoin 0.6.4 and PeercoinOG 0.6.4 at this point. Could you try Peercoin 0.6.4 and see if you get the same freezing?

PeercoinOG v0.7.0 is now released :tada:


  • Hardfork to protocol v07 activates at 12:00 on 12 of March 2019 UTC
  • Decreased minimal tx fee to one milliPPC for 100 bytes, keeping fee of ten milliPPC for 1000 bytes
  • Increased max op_return size to 256 bytes
  • Wallet stops minting while synchronising blockchain
  • This client is compatible with the Peercoin v0.7.0 client

PeercoinOG v0.7.1 is now released :tada:


  • New discord chat link
  • Estimatefee RPC call added
  • Made multisig part of menubar
  • This client is compatible with the Peercoin v0.7.1 client

Why no compiled exe file?
I try to compile on windows, but recive a error