[ANN] Project Perpera

“Perpera” is an implementation of the PeerAssets DataAudit protocol which was first presented as an RFC in June, 2018. Perpera is a library written in TypeScript and aims to cater to the needs of future web-based applications and development/power user focused CLI tools.

The main purpose of this protocol is the embedding of arbitrary documents into the blockchain (proof-of-existence) and the ability to revise said documents. In this aspect (support for revisions), this protocol is different than similar protocols which are already in use.

More on the PeerAssets DataAudit protocol:

The primary purpose of this protocol is to record cryptographic hashes of successive revisions of single-file documents in a public blockchain, in a manner which enables thin clients to easily query and verify document histories. Such histories inherit useful properties from the underlying blockchain, namely immutability and massive replication, and can therefore serve as proofs of existence.
In addition to cryptographic hashes, users may also record a collection of URIs for each document, facilitating retrieval of document contents from off-chain sources (IPFS, https, torrent).
The goal is to impose minimal requirements on the blockchain, in terms of both features and storage space.

Hopefully within a month we’ll get a first draft of the webapp utilizing this library. @kazzkiq has expressed interest for this task.

PeerAssets DataAudit protocol and this library were defined and implemented by fperleta.
With this post I welcome fperleta to the project, and hopefully we’ll see more of his code around.

He is new to both cryptocurrency and Peercoin, and he did earn a tip: P8kMuRAg2bCECTwdqTPwQS9K6KB5sppdbB