Peercoin v0.7 Released! Upgrade Deadline: March 12th, 2019 at 12:00 UTC!

Peercoin v0.7 Released!

Peercoin v0.7 has been officially released! v0.7 will take place as a hard fork, with an activation date of March 12th, 2019 at 12:00 UTC. Please upgrade to v0.7 before this date. You can check below for instructions on how to install.


Before installation, backup your wallet from the menu. Please note directly copying the wallet.dat file is not a 100% safe backup.

The v0.7 client can be downloaded from the wallets page of Installation instructions can also be found on that page. If you need help with installation, feel free to post below in this thread.


Peercoin v0.7 implements changes from RFC 0007 and 0008:

  • [Protocol] Decreased minimal transaction fee to one millixpc for 100 bytes, keeping fee of ten millixpc for 1000 bytes.
  • [Protocol] Increased max op_return size to 256 bytes.
  • [Wallet] disable minting while synchronising blockchain.
  • [Wallet] splashscreens got an update.


Both protocol changes improve the core economic parameters of Peercoin. Changing the granulation of the transaction fee is about keeping the core principle of 0.01 Peercoin per kB of data, but not forcing the user to round it up to 0.01 and overpay for the service.

Increasing the max size of transaction data field (OP_RETURN) allows for more complex payloads while using the PeerAssets and Perpera protocols, while exploiting the same natural anti-spam feature of the Peercoin blockchain, that is that data costs 0.01 Peercoin per kB and naturally limits the amount of blockchain “bloat”.

Theme Change

A theme change will be introduced in the next point release, which will update the wallet to match Peercoin’s new branding, so be sure to check back for the upgrade. It will drop dark gray in favor of brighter colors such as green, white and a lighter gray. Once this is finished, Peercoin’s visual rebrand will be complete.



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Ubuntu, Debian and Raspbian packages have been posted:


Hi their, I have the raspberri pi+ peerbox.

I have no idea what im doing, Linux doesnt feel intuitive at all.

Ive unpacked the zip file and navigated to bin/64/peercoin-qt on the PI.

doubleclick says “please select an application to open executable files”

now Im stumped.

That’s not how you operate the Peerbox.

Well at this stage I’m looking into installing windows IOT core and seeing if that will run the new Peercoin client, all I want to do is run the new version v7, the instructions says on the Peercoin website to run the exact file name under Linux installation instructions and raspian is Linux?

I think you got it all wrong from the start. How did you setup your Raspberry Pi? What did you do originally, the thing you’ve called “Peerbox”?

what happens if you don’t upgrade???

Eg coins are still all ok

You won’t lose coins but you will end up on abandoned fork and wont be able to transact.
Just upgrade.


Peercoin v0.7 Fork activation deadline is tomorrow, March 12th. Make sure you are prepared by upgrading today. You can reach the team for assistance through Telegram or Discord chat.


how to upgrade PeerBox?

Do I have to do anything different if I miss the deadline?

if you’re too far away from the deadline you may have to redownload the blockchain

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Where can I find instructions on how to proceed?

Also, fyi, my node hasnt been online since before the fork

As explained in the first post, instructions are detailed on the wallets page. Let us know if you need any help.