[ANN][Profit-switching][0%fee] multipool.us: PPC POOL NOW ACTIVE

Website: https://www.multipool.us/


[ul][li]Actively Maintained[/li]
[li]Port 7777 switches based on coin profitability - point your miner there and always be mining the most profitable coin![/li]
[li]Or, mine any coin we offer directly![/li]
[li]EU and US Servers[/li]
[li]User-selectable share difficulty (Currently BETA/US only.)
[/li][li]Load Balancing - High capacity and redundant[/li]
[li]Transparent, detailed block payout stats[/li]
[li]Stratum and Getwork[/li]
[li]No fees[/li]
[li]No transaction fees[/li][/ul]

[ul][li]No Low minimum withdraw (1 coin)[/li][/ul]

[ul][li]Pretty graphs![/li]
[li]Very stable/reliable[/li]
[li]Blocks are paid early for most currencies.[/li]
[li]Android app available! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appinventor.ai_david_morley.Multipool [/li][/ul]

Currently offering the following coins:
Litecoin: stratum+tcp://pool1.us.multipool.us:3334/ (US) stratum+tcp://pool1.eu.multipool.us:3334/ (EU)
Terracoin: stratum+tcp://pool1.us.multipool.us:3337/ (US) stratum+tcp://pool1.eu.multipool.us:3333/ (EU)
Feathercoin: stratum+tcp://pool1.us.multipool.us:3337/ (US) stratum+tcp://pool1.eu.multipool.us:3337/ (EU)
Mincoin: stratum+tcp://pool1.us.multipool.us:3339/ (US) stratum+tcp://pool1.eu.multipool.us:3339/ (EU)
WorldCoin: stratum+tcp://pool1.us.multipool.us:3342/ (US) stratum+tcp://pool1.eu.multipool.us:3342/ (EU)
DigitalCoin: stratum+tcp://pool1.us.multipool.us:3343/ (US) stratum+tcp://pool1.eu.multipool.us:3343/ (EU)
NovaCoin: stratum+tcp://pool1.us.multipool.us:3344/ (US) stratum+tcp://pool1.eu.multipool.us:3344/ (EU)
Luckycoin stratum+tcp://pool1.us.multipool.us:3345/ (US) stratum+tcp://pool1.eu.multipool.us:3345/ (EU)
Argentum stratum+tcp://pool1.us.multipool.us:3346/ (US) stratum+tcp://pool1.eu.multipool.us:3346/ (EU)
Phenixcoin stratum+tcp://pool1.us.multipool.us:3347/ (US) stratum+tcp://pool1.eu.multipool.us:3347/ (EU)
Megacoin stratum+tcp://pool1.us.multipool.us:3348/ (US) stratum+tcp://pool1.eu.multipool.us:3348/ (EU)
BottleCaps stratum+tcp://pool1.us.multipool.us:3349/ (US) stratum+tcp://pool1.eu.multipool.us:3349/ (EU)

Multiport (stratum): stratum+tcp://pool1.us.multipool.us:7777/ (US) stratum+tcp://pool1.eu.multipool.us:7777/ (EU)
Multiport (getwork): http://pool1.us.multipool.us:17777/

BETA TESTING PPC stratum+tcp://pool1.us.multipool.us:3335

The reward system in place is time-based PPLNS.

Get on to one of the best pools ever the admin are amazing support is amazing and their pool on mining is rock sold. Need some more users get first block in.

Coming soon PPS stay tuned for more updates.

Hey nice to see another PPC pool :slight_smile:

gtz on the launch and i’ll see if I can give it a test soon


[quote=“FuzzyBear, post:2, topic:298”]Hey nice to see another PPC pool :slight_smile:

gtz on the launch and i’ll see if I can give it a test soon


Nice to see you come over been working and testing things out with the admin and theirs a lot to come so stick around and I would advise if you see some friends to let them know if it. Their system is one of the most rock solid systems in pool mining ever.

I will beta test that for about 24hrs and see how it goes…

Something is wrong with the pool. The network difficulty is: 756,590; my best share was 1,142,337 and my cgminer reports that I found 2 blocks since I started hashing there, yet the stats still show 0 blocks found on the web page.

Will speak to the pool admin for you and report.