[ANN] Peercoin solo pool: Shutting down (temporary)

WARNING: This pool is shutting down for an undefined period of time. The fees don’t cover the costs of maintenance, I might restart it in the future but haven’t decided on that yet.

Hi All,

I’ve set up a solo Stratum pool that mines directly to your address, no payout delay!


Pool extraction statistics:


Reward for first block found (Update: first block has been mined)

I reward the first miner to find a block the double of it’s donation!
Meaning that if you donate 3% you’ll be rewarded 6% of the block reward, while if you donate 100% you’ll be rewarded the double of the block reward!


This pool is not a professionally operated pool, so connect to it at your own risk.

Future plans

If the pool gets some traction, donation options will be added to trusted projects.
This means that you’ll be able to donate percentages from the block reward straight to the project addresses.

Happy mining!


And the first block has been mined!

The miner received the special reward for the first block: double the donation he made to the pool!

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starts to look for underloaded hydropower station

A bit wierd to realize all these are not needed.

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And another two blocks mined today!

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Hi - I’m new to peercoin and can’t believe the length of time we have to wait for coins to be available.
I am interested in running on this solo pool. But I it looks like there have not been any posts or blocks in a while. Is it still running? And how would I be able to see if my miners are working other than from the miner itself? Finally, I have 10 SHA256 miners. Would they all have to be combined on the same worker?
Thanks and sorry for the more noobish questions.

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Actually A block has been found yesterday!

No need to combine your miners on one worker, all miners work on a different range.

The pool is running healthy, 21 blocks found so far!


Solo miners unite!
Peercoin can still be solo mined with a decent miner.
Small pools like this one truly decentralize our network!

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And another nice streak of blocks!
Let’s show the world that peercoin the Valhalla of solo mining with ASICs!


33 blocks so far!

Solo mining Peercoin just became more accessible and profitable.
The recent rise in BTC and BCH price caused some mining power to move away!

Difficulty recently dropped below 1.4G!
Rewards are increasing while our difficulty drops.

43 blocks so far!

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Seems to be working. Thanks for setting this up.

Actually, I haven’t mined in a really long time. Is it working right if I get this output?

It probably is, but your hashrate is about a million times to low to make any chance of finding a block in less than a week. Are you CPU mining?

I am CPU mining in that image. I wanted to see if I could just get it running. I’ll have to do some research on an optimal mining setup now.

what cgminer do i use for solo gpu mine for peer coin

I would not mine peercoin with a GPU, it’s not worth it.
For solo mining, I’d advice to at least have 1TH/s to find blocks regularly or >100GH/s if you just want to get lucky every once in a while.

With a few of these (https://www.bitshopper.de/shop/sha-256-miner-en/gekkoscience-2pac/?lang=en) you can get lucky and find a few blocks/year.

what would i need for 1th/s

Is there a way to check what my miner is doing? Or do I wait for a surprise in my wallet?

It would be nice to see that my miner is actually working, like how btc mining sites show the amount of work.


your miner software e.g. cgminer should provide you all the info you need. The best share difficulty gives you an idea how lucky you got already.

The pool will refuse connection if you gave it incorrect connection details, so if your miner is working, all should be fine.

This pool does not run a database to make it as stable and secure as possible. No data can be leaked because there is none. Or no coins can get stolen because they are sent directly to cold wallets. The idea is just to make solo mining possible without too much setup headaches and maximum security, not to provide extra features.

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Thanks for that info. I am new to using cgminer, am I looking at the right thing? I am using antminer s5 to mine.

I just installed it and put in the info, and this was generated. I want to also see what hashrate my miner is doing.

[2017-08-28 08:54:41] Probing for an alive pool
[2017-08-28 08:54:42] Network diff set to 1.58G
[2017-08-28 08:55:26] Network diff set to 1.58G
[2017-08-28 08:55:26] Stratum from pool 0 detected new block
[2017-08-28 09:00:51] Network diff set to 1.59G
[2017-08-28 09:00:51] Stratum from pool 0 detected new block

did you compile cgminer yourself? You need
curses dev library
(libncurses5-dev or libpdcurses on WIN32 for text user interface)