[ANN] Peercoin solo pool: Shutting down (temporary)

That output seems good, but like @irritant highlights compiling with ncurses will show you much more info about hashrate and shares.

BTW you can use other stratum mining software, I just tested it with cgminer.

@irritant @hrobeers Thank you very much for the replies. Would you direct me to the right resource to learn to compile cgminer? I installed cgminer for the first time yesterday.

Would you recommend the other stratum mining software? This is very new to me, and I don’t have much knowledge in this area. I would just feel more comfortable knowing that my miner is in fact mining, and not just burning power.

Thanks again!

Hi there, i started mining yesterday on your solo pool, i woke up this morning to find out
i had found a blobk but i have no ppc in my account?
when will i be paid for this, my address is PQ1YekYWoxEdEkLi1YmuZz7jSqYd3RTChj
Thanks Spraffers

Hi @Spraffers

The payment is immediate from the coinbase, there is no payment delay.

I entered your address in a block explorer and indeed, you mined 50.6146 PPC to that account:

Please note that it takes 500 blocks until you can spend mined coins. This is always the case when mining, that’s why most pools payout with a delay.
This pool pays directly to your address which means the coins are directly under your control (secured by your own keys) but you still need to wait 500 blocks before you can spend.

i used my bittrex address, is this ok

Not sure how they handle this.
Based on this simple answer: https://www.reddit.com/r/EtherMining/comments/6i9bp4/possible_to_mine_directly_into_bittrex_wallet/ they will probably accept it after 500 blocks.

But I’d advice contacting them and show them this transaction:
Ask them how they handle mining directly to a deposit address.

My guess is that all be fine after 500 blocks and that you’ll get credited automatically.
In any case, you can prove that you paid to that address.
You can keep watching that address, exchanges typically move the coins when they received them, so when they move, you should be credited.

Thanks for you help, is it roughly 10 minutes for each block?


The 100th block has been mined!



Hey all. I am a long time peercoin investor (and holder) ,got over 3k peercoin and love it for the long term. I am already minting my coins on a raspberry pi. I live in Los Angeles where my current electric co power is far too expensive for any large scale mining (gpu/antminer etc…) to make sense.

But I have some access to some small scale solar power I am currently using to charge several 26800mAh batteries per day. It’s a bit like watering a garden, every morning I switch out the batteries and use the charged ones to power phones/tablets/ watches etc… not bad. Each of the full day solar charges batteries can change my phone in full 6+ times, so I have plenty to spare. Saving money in electricity and my home is a bit greener, very peercoin like philosophy. I have a coveted (in LA) south facing apt patio that gets direct sunlight for 8+ hrs per day so even cheap solar like this one is very effective https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XBGSS2R/

I figured that I have enough free power for one of the usb asic sha256 sticks mentioned earlier in the thread for at least most of the day: It says it gets an avg 15 GH/s hashrate that can be boosted up to 25 GH/s (I probably want to be a bit conservative as I am doing this from my apt, don’t want to risk any fires etc.). (https://www.bitshopper.de/shop/sha-256-miner-en/gekkoscience-2pac/?lang=en) link for the USB asic sha256 miner.

Ok so even using solar energy for $0 cost I plugged the numbers into

And it says that hash 15 GH/s rate would generate 5 PPC or USD $6.40(current pricing) annually assuming 365 24/7 running.

Are the defults for this sites difficulty and block reward accurate for this pool? At that rate it would take 10 years (not to mention the daily work of cycling my batteries every day from the solar chargers to the USB miners) just to make back the money for the USB miner…How can those USB asic miner sticks be profitable for anyone if they aren’t even profitable on free power?

I know we all hope ppc is over $10 some day so the finances may change, but I just can’t seem to make mining work out for me even with free power from the good old sun! I want to get into the mining game even if at a small scale but can’t make the numbers work at all


The numbers of that site are correct.
Chances of finding a block are a pure function of difficulty and hashpower.

The reason the revenue is so low, is that your are competing with the entire SHA256d mining industry. Some Bitcoin pools will switch to PPC is when it get’s more profitable.

Mining solo with USB stick miners is just like playing the lottery, you hope you get lucky finding some blocks quickly. But it might take years. If you want reliable payouts with those sticks, you better join a cooperative pool.

For the solo pool, I recommend at least 1TH/s for regular payouts (a few blocks / month)

USB stick mining is just for fun IMO :slight_smile:
You can mine the solo pool with USB sticks, but you have to be very patient or lucky.
Your best share displayed in your mining software will give you an indication how close you got to a block.

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The solo pool experienced a small outage today due to worldwide OVH outages.
It should all have been resolved and the pool should be running correctly.

Please let me know if you experience any troubles.


Is the solo pool working? Just making sure before I jump on it… Is there any place to see statistics for the pool to confirm that I’m not mining into a black hole? :slightly_smiling_face:


This pool is shutting down for an undefined period of time. The fees don’t cover the costs of maintenance, I might restart it in the future but haven’t decided on that yet.

OK, thanks for letting us know.

Is there a good alternative you can recommend? I looked at several, multipool seems to work but it isn’t a solo pool, http://mining.securepayment.cc/pools/ppcoin/ is down…