[ANN] Peercoin Projects

Peercoin Projects

Hello folks!
I’m excited to announce Peercoin Projects. A public showcase of Peercoin/PeerAssets related projects.

This showcase is yet another option for marketing community projects and showing to the world what you’re working on! Anyone can submit a project, as far as its related to Peercoin/PeerAssets and have a link to its source (or website).

I believe this could help bring more visibility to Peercoin community, and perhaps show outsiders the features that can be achieved by using PeerAssets.

If you have any project, feel free to contribute by making a PR in the repository!

This project was made possible with the help and involvement of @peerchemist :slight_smile:

Website: https://projects.peercoin.net/
Repo URL: https://github.com/kazzkiq/pc-showcase
How to submit a project: https://github.com/kazzkiq/pc-showcase#submit-a-project


Thanks @kazzkiq for taking time to make this. Welcome to community.

Let me expand a bit further on what is this and why was it made.
We needed a repository of all active Peercoin related projects, where everyone could see what is being worked on, what needs help and who deserves a tip (donation). List of projects is moderated by reputable and active community members via Github, so chances of fake projects, scams or spam are very limited. So far me and @kazzkiq have moderation privilege but I call to community members to contact us and become moderator as well.

So primary uses of this service are:

  • list all active projects,
  • present each project in short summary,
  • link to github page,
  • allow simple and straightforward donations.

Donation addresses are directly provided by developer (project submitter), unlike Peer4commit which acted as proxy and kept the funds at the service. So this is just a link to developer wallet and service does not hold or deal with any funds.
Right now service allows donations in Peercoin and Bitcoin, and there are no obstacles on adding more coins.

I hope it will go live as projects.peercoin.net soon.


This is just what we needed, as it’s difficult to manage things on the developers page of Peercoin.net or even through Peer4commit.

Should there be an optional place to provide a link to an official project thread on the forum here?

Sure! There is already a “side-bar” component which would be used for project details. I can enable it and put the description and project/forum links in there.


Hey guys, Peercoin Projects finally went live at projects.peercoin.net!

Now you can officially browser or submit projects to the showcase.

Looking forward to see the community adding cool projects to it (seriously, we need projects there guys, if you’re working on something with Peercoin or PeerAssets, don’t think twice, submit to the showcase :smile:).


Is there anyway we can draw the donated amount of Peercoin, so people can know which projects need to be supported by just glancing at the page? Currently you would need to check each address individually, which I doubt anybody will do.

As far as there is a public API for fetching this information, it can be done. Couldn’t find any service doing that for Peercoin, do you guys know any?

There is also the issue of users possibly putting a “personal” address there, instead of generating a new one only for donations. If the (personal) address is already full of PPC it may give the false impression of huge amounts of donation, and thus, new donators may be compelled to help other projects instead.

CryptoID API works really well.

@azuabotlas Cool, this API seems to fit perfectly.

I’ve opened an Issue on Github, will be working on this feature during this week.


@kazzkiq were you ever able to look into implementing the donation amounts onto the page itself? I would like to replace Peer4commit with this Projects page in the navigation of peercoin.net, but I’m hoping for this one thing to happen first.

I see both Peercoin and Bitcoin are accepted, so how could that be added? Could we just combine the values for both cryptos and show the USD amount? For example, say you have 2,000 PPC donated and 2 Bitcoin donated for one particular project. Based on current prices that project would show a USD donation amount of $5,034.18.

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Yep. I’ve made some tests and CryptoID fits pretty well. I got a little busy this month in my work, but will be trying to implement it until Monday.

Could we just combine the values for both cryptos and show the USD amount?

I think this would be the best option, too. Will be doing this way.


Awesome, thanks for the update.

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Not as smoothly as planned.

It seems CryptoID do not send a specific header which is needed to enable AJAX calls to their APIs (Access-Control-Allow-Origin) and thus it isn’t possible to get the data (you can still fetch it from any other means, like in my tests using Postman, or by hitting the URL directly, but it is not possible to do so via JavaScript inside browsers because they block AJAX requests without this header as a security policy).

I’ve send a message to their Twitter to see if they could add this header to their API.

Meanwhile we could try to find another API provider.

The code is already implemented in Peercoin Projects, now we only need a place to consume the PPC/BTC addresses.

Other APIs:



Is PeerKeeper still an active project?

I saw a link to it for the first time via the chat page after signing up. I went back into the forums to read about the project, and well, it seemed really interesting but then I noticed that the last update seemed to be a little over a year ago.

I also didn’t see it up on projects.peercoin.net so I figured I ask.