Bug Fixing for v0.6 Begins, Indicium Pre-Announcement, Peercoin Pulse Blog Launched


I am still wondering if we can find a better name for these updates. How does everyone feel about this for example?

Peercoin Team Update #2

This signifies that the update is coming from the dev team. Community update can possibly be confused as being only about community related issues, rather than development. This I think would make it more clear, an assortment of news (both development & community related), that is coming directly from the main Peercoin team. Thoughts?

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I always considered the community updates to be addressed to the community by someone else (you).

Well, these updates that I’m posting here now are being written by the dev team using a hidden drafting thread. Peerchemist, Hrobeers, Saeveritt and Nagalim have been contributing to the update. Once there is enough content, I clean it up a bit and then post it as its own thread. So technically I’m posting the thread, but it’s really being written by the whole team.

How about simply “Peercoin Update #2”? Perhaps there’s a better term than “update”, but with that you can include anything related to Peercoin.

“Peercoin News”

I think I’ll combine them…

Peercoin News Update #2

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