Android, iOS and maybe more: peercoin-flutter

Dear Friends,

Beta has been released on github.

If you are brave enough, you can install this apk directly on your Android phone.

Play Store:

App Store:

Google Play Store Beta Track:

iOS TestFlight (Beta testing):

This app comes with absolutely no warranty.
Testnet use should be preferred.

If you like, you can send me a couple of coins:

A road map can be found here: Board of Wisdom · GitHub

Please test if you can and let me know what you think.



Nice! Has some way to go, but it works. I know we should test on testnet, but I tried mainnet and it worked :grinning: Used it to send you a tip :wink:

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Maybe sending not working so well. 3 blocks and no confirm yet lol. I’d check the txn id, but I can’t get it on the app.

Is it a grey circle or a question mark?
question mark would mean it has not been broadcasted successfully.

Reminder for everyone that they can find a testnet faucet right here: Testnet Faucet

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Yeah I caught that detail. It’s grey circle, so it should be transmitted.

this issue has been identified.
Unfortunately it’s not a one liner.

Addresses this issue.



Patch seems to work. I sent a new txn to your new addr and it’s in the mempool. The old txn is just sitting there now.

v0.1.2-alpha tagged.

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v0.1.4-alpha tagged

Local data needs to be deleted for this to work properly.

thanks to @NPC we already have multi language support via i18n.

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You have seed phrase, but no option to create wallet from seed lol

Also you should ask for auth after i press Send not just when I got to send view.

P.S. I don’t mean to disrespect. It’s looking great. Just trying to help.

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this is great, well done, could you export a web version to github pages?

Flutter Web still has serious limitations, but I will give it a shot soon

what are the limitations that affect us?

Scroll performance being quite bad.
Question is where to store the key in a secure way. This is my biggest concern.
Or we offer access with seed only.
Text is drawn as points and can’t be selected or searched.

It’s actually good on Chrome(ium). It only stutters in FF.


If you are brave enough, you can install this apk directly on your Android phone.

only braves people here :ok_hand: i’ve installed and tested with testnet I like it so far!

0.1.5-alpha tagged

  • allow import of seed during initial setup (delete local data to start over with the app and try it out)
  • dark mode
  • require auth to change auth options
  • sending tx: make auth request at button press
  • fix bug that allowed pressing “back” after pin code setup
  • seed can now be shared after being revealed
  • minor fixes


Alpha Quality Software
Use at own risk!

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