Android, iOS and maybe more: peercoin-flutter

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now with auth jail.



Please test hard, this one might go to the play store soon :slight_smile:

Hi everybody!
Just installed 9-alpha-rc.1 on my Fairphone 3 with /e/OS. Requested some coins from the Peercoin Testnet Faucet. Looks nice! Transaction popped up immediately, nothing scared me so far :wink:

9-alpha-rc.1 tells me that this is an invalid address :confused:

sending coins back to the faucet address (n4pJDAqsagWbouT7G7xRH8548s9pZpQwtG) workes as expected

PPXMXETHJE3E8k6s8vmpDC18b7y5eKAudS is a main net address. If that’s shown as invalid, it works accordingly :slight_smile:

Ah, that explains a lot :wink:
Will this app be available on F-Droid? I’d really appreciate that!

Good idea.

@willy perhaps we should start from there?

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rc2 tagged, looking good :slight_smile:

12-24 words seeds now supported

I suggest changing to this version for further testing, easier install and easy updates.


Found two bugs:

  1. Was not able to send funds to the foundation address since it was invalid (multisig address).

  2. In Europe we use “,” as a decimal separator and because of this I was not able to send funds with decimals.

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Will check the first one, the second one is the same UX as in peercoin-qt and I kind of like it that way.

Sadly segwit address won’t work either.

Can you show me where you have seen crypto currency amounts seperated by a comma?
It’s usually the dot. The input field should not allow you to type a comma and even localized num keyboards on iOS/android will offer a key board with comma and dot.

On my keyboard I was not able to type in a comma or dot. If it shows as a dot is fine, but I’m not changing my settings to make the app work.

Edit: The comma was grayed out.

Is that a third party keyboard?

No. I have a Samsung-keyboard, but the settings are on Norwegian Bokmål.

I wouldn’t say. Comma coming up in the near future then.
thanks for testing!


0.2.1 is on it’s way to the play store

  • commas are now allowed in send & receive tab
  • reconnect timer has been reduced to 5 seconds
  • app will now loop through available servers

GitHub - peercoin/peercoin_flutter: Wallet for Peercoin and Peercoin Testnet written in Flutter readme now includes a list of known limitations.


Comma is still grayed out.