[0,3% Fee] [MultiCoin] [Stable] MuPool.com

Hey guys,

Sinse MuPool.com is a sucessfull Pool for LTC Mining (~0.5% of LTC-Network) we decided to be a Multi-Coin-Pool and now we are Supporting also PPC-Coin !

What the adventage to join MuPool.com?

  • Unique written Queing Cloud (https://mupool.com/queing.png) to increase stability
  • One Account, One Interface, serveral kind of Coins (we adding from time to time support for new Coins)
  • Minings Events to Win a [F]orever [F]ree [M]ulti [C]oin-Account (no Fees until the Pool goes offline!)
  • Fast Support
  • DDOS-Protection
  • Proven Stability
  • Full Virtualized Enviroment
  • Bonus for Block finders!
  • Add Free Mining Monitor App
  • Own developed Custom Software

Our Current Mining Conditions:

Any Questions / Suggestions? Feel free to join our IRC-Channel on #mupool.com on irc.freenode.net or leave a comment here!

PS: If you have trouble get your ASIC up and running, we support you via Teamviewer, just send a request via contact form :)!