Zero-fee Peercoin trading at TheRockTrading


I used TheRockTrading for the first time this weekend.
My experience (and improvement suggestions):

  • I needed to file a support request to enable withdrawals.
  • Sometimes the platform displayed nonsense like “Infinity” or “NaN” in computed fields at trading.
  • It was not possible to e.g. buy “Peercoins for 100 €” and let the platform split this sum automatically to match orderbook entries.
  • I lost small amounts in different currencies there, because the platform processes form fields only with limited precision (two decimal places?).


  • yes, you need to ask support to be enabled to autonomous withdrawals; that is by policy, since years
  • if you can, please notify that to support too, might there be a bug
  • that is not possible on the trading platform, but you can use “fastlane” service which is a direct sale and can be used that way (higher fee, however)
  • precision both on traded currency and base currency depends on currency pair (it’s public via API) and are usually decided to help liquidity

Thank you for your feedback