Zen of Peercoin - Aphorisms

I saw this: Zen of Python.


[ul][li]Beautiful is better than ugly.[/li] [li]Explicit is better than implicit.[/li] [li]Simple is better than complex.[/li] [li]Complex is better than complicated.[/li][/ul]

What are the aphorisms of Peercoin? :smiley:

Exactly the same? :slight_smile:

I believe peercoin perfectly follows this path.
Also the stuff [member=30983]peerchemist[/member], myself and some others are working on tries to follow these aphorisms.

PeerAssets, PeerKeeper and even PeerBet can be seen as examples on how things can and should be kept simple (KISS) instead of complex.

I see PeerAssets vs PeerShares as the perfect example. I know many people here believe PeerShares can do way more.
But up until now, I failed to come up with something that is possible with PeerShares that can’t be implemented simpler using PeerAssets.
(I might have been drinking too much of the kool-aid though)

Why is is that lego is basically square blocks with a few knobs and
in a jigsaw puzzle, every piece is unique?

What should the Peercoin ecosystem be like?
Pieces in a jisaw puzzle or lego blocks?

Should the Peercoin ecosystem be a shield against the world,
or the mycelium running through the dirt?

Yea… peercoin should be lego mycelium.