YACoin: Silver to PPC gold?

I was thinking about the “gold-to-silver” relation between Bitcoin and Litecoin and the relation between PPCoin and Yacoin is pretty similar. YACoin has a much faster transaction time, is targeted to CPU mining with Scrypt, and has probably also a higher coin supply. But it shares the Proof-of-Stake approach with PPC.

Perhaps YACoin, in case it doesn’t die fast, could be advertised like a micropayments-oriented PPC alternative, and PPC with its higher security as the currency for savings and higher-valued transactions?

It could also be a good idea to bring together the YAC and PPC communities, to share experiences and increase the attention of the altcoin community for both currencies.

Just an idea :slight_smile:

(Disclaimer: I am not involved in YAC community. But I think until now it’s the most interesting PPC fork.)

Well the people who complained about PPC’s name would have plenty to complain about with this one. It’s almost up there with Junk coin.

Yes, the name is not the best.

In Spanish, however, “YA” is “Now”. It could be interpreted as a reference to the velocity of transactions of this coin :wink: