XPM price charts

This is my project: http://dc-charts.com

You can find more on:


really nice charts and site :slight_smile: well done keep up the good work


Great charts, but any chance of adding the newer exchanges?

I currently use http://www.cryptocoincharts.info/v2/coins/show/xpm

maybe off topic on the primecoin section, but any chance of adding peercoin?

Yes :slight_smile: Soon.

Peercoin charts are available. http://dc-charts.com/?dc=3

I see that in the vircurex XPM/BTC exchange rate there are some missing points (e.g. the rencent high of 0.00629 on Jan 3 is missing). The market depth is out of sync with vircurex webpage for at least 20min now. Is this caused by patchy API from vircurex?

Probably yes. I’m going to fix it as soon as possible.

Small XPM/BTC charts (BTC-E exchange) for febmasters are now available: