XPM Mining - 2016

I am creating a new thread since I’ve noticed that the majority of the primecoin threads and posts are a little old.

I would like to know if mining XPM in 2016 is still possible and in what way. I am mostly interested in some information regarding the hardware required to mine nowadays (some examples of cpu, gpu etc) and what hash rates I can get from them. More specifically how many coins I would get per day or something like that. It would also be great if somebody can give me some insight on cloud mining using the service Digital Ocean that is posted on primecoin.io. Furthermore, it is possible to mine at least some coins using boards like raspberry pi, odroid, banana pi, orange pi etc?

Before you answer, please do NOT refer to the electricity costs, since everytime I ask something similar to other forums everybody starts referring to the electricity costs by default. I am aware of that. I am looking to see how many coins I could mine in 2016 and some hardware costs, or some cloud mining costs. Any other information or ideas are welcome of course.

Thank you.

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I’m new to XPM, and managed to find my way to mine XPM using a GPU miner (which is indeed the most profitable tech till now).

mining hash power is measured by chains per day which I believe is called CPD

An R9 290 Radeon can make up to 15 CPD, the same rule applies for R9 390.

referring to the calculator of this GPU mining site:


each of my R9 is making what is listed below

XPM per day: 52.992
BTC per day: 0.0101
USD per day: 4.230

actually my GPu’s is making less than that, due to latency problems.

the used miner (software) is:

this software needs you for baby setting, coz it hangs alot.

If you have lots of CPU power, then you can join this site:


this one is for CPU miners only, the down side of this pool is that for each running CPU, you need to connect only one worker, the workers here is your wallet address, and you can’t use same wallet address for more than one PC

the other thing is that there is no enough workers mining over there (to gain the proper CPD power in order to find blocks).

my coreI7 8thread CPU is making 0.12 “chainsperday”

the hash power of the whole network is around 2500 chains/day (estimated)

so according to antyinfo /primecoin-calculator

I need 100 corei7 PC’s just to get 12 CPD, which would make me 42 XPM/Day, but (I think) , if for a reason people start joining this site (compare it to what happened with minergateDOTcom) then the collaborative work would make something big here.

I believe that there is only one GPU mining site (xpmforall) and if for a reason it went down, then we all can kiss primecoin mining good-bye or we can do it the solo way.

Hope this will help you!!, and please forgive my wrecked English.

Thank you Alden,
Your answer was very helpful. You gave me the insight I was looking for.

One more question, just to make things clear for me, if you would solo mine with an R9 290, would it still make 50 XPM/day or at least somewhere near that value? In general I know that in the long run, solo mining and pool mining bring you the same amount of altcoins.

Cybertronix, you’re most welcome.

Regarding solo mining using GPU, I don’t know exactly how many block you can make a day or maybe in few days, but you gave me the idea of testing it on my mini Rig ( 4 R9 390 and one 290 GPU’s).

I’m really interested in setting madMAx43v3r/xpmpool, it’s there on github, but I couldn’t figure out how to compile it the correct way, I’ve done every thing as required by the author, and then got stuck at compiling the webserver, something is missing and thats another story :slight_smile:

Back to your question, from my side, I’ll do the test, and then get back to you.

and If you want my advice, go and join xpmforall (like I did), and by days, you’ll get 50 XPM steadily and comfortably on a daily bases.


Nice! I am looking forward to it :P. (Why the heck are you calling that a mini rig? :P, no need to answer)

Dear Friend,

I’ve made a mistake, the GPU client used with xpmforall is called:


the other one is used for pool-prime cpu mining.

sorry for the inconvenient I’ve caused.

Nice to see there remain some crazy guys who believe in XPM …
You’re right, for now there is only two ways for mining primecoin :
http://xpmforall.org/ (client: https://github.com/eXtremal-ik7/xpmclient )
http://pool-prime.net/ (client https://github.com/clintar/jhPrimeminer-Aero )
I’m in charge of last one, trying to find a way to create a server compatible with both. best case will be to create a service which use standard primecoind server and accept work from any worker… I’ve already make some tries to create a python proxy, but without success for now. Perhaps create a merge between workers to create a standalone worker (directly connected to primecoind daemon) will be a better solution. In any cases, i believe that Primecoin is a better cryptocurrency than Bitcoin, so i will try to help if possible.

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