XPM future

With BTC going down, how do you see XPM future? It doesn’t seem to be as heavily marketed/productized and while it still is one of the better coins it’s capitalization seems to be going down along with value. So my question is - what is your take on XPM future?

The capitalisation is just the number of coins times the value. So I wouldn’t draw any conclusions from that alone.
The value of most coins is going down at the moment after we had a few pump and dumps from some speculators. Maybe they had no joy and they have their money in fiat now.
That’s why the US$ looks strong (or XPM looks weak depending how you look at it).

I think XPM is marketed better recently, especially with the new website. It is all the work of volunteers though. The best way to strenghten XPM is to help volunteering in ways to get more attention for it, so it’s more likely that the value increases.

Speculation: Personally I think this is just a temporary dip, you need to have a bit longer term view. I’m confident that XPM is still in top 10 by the end of the year while many others will fail.

I hope Sk abandons XPM, dedicately work for PPC

I am in the process of revamping primecoin site (marketing) and collaborating with Sunny, Primecoin is far from death. I am worried about Peercoin though, marketing wise too.

LOL :))

I hope sunny king take more time for XMP

Sunny King is working on a distributed data app infra based on Primecoin - People will be able to develop apps such namecoin, bitmessage, datacoin, etc… quite easily. No scheduled realease date yet.

He’s almost certainly not woking on Peercoin.

Looking forward to side chain

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Agree, Primecoin was dead, also Peercoin is the mater.

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