[xpm] foundation fund


I am considering setting up a FUND in XPM any maybe other CC’s to act as means to pay Sunny or other DEVS as needed to work on XPM, or XPM related infrastrucutre

I have put in a seed of 100 XPM.

I think the fund would have to hit at least 10K XPM to be worth doing

Open to ideas on how to manage the fund, set it up and if you would like to be a board member and objectives. So sorta like bounties fund except we actually pull together and decide to do it rather than usual premine/bounty justification.

The Address is



I really like this idea. I was also thinking about how maybe doing something like a lottery to sponsor the development would be one possibility.

I would be happy to contribute to the fund…
I would like to become a promoter and supporter of this coin.
I think it has the potential to become a very valuable coin unlike most others because of it’s security and use to science.

But I can’t get mining and have not been able to find anyone interested in helping…

Great idea and much needed!

Maybe we could use it to hire Super3 - the guy who designed the new Peercoin site - to update the Primecoin landingpage. I’m sure the price will rise once there is a semi-professional page in place!

I am always happy as forum owner to hold any donations people want to make to primecoin fund or peercoin fund, more details at http://donate.peercointalk.org


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Why not implement something like http://peer4commit.com/ for Primecoin, that way it’s more transparent and really encourages core development.