Xenia Coin - A New Cryptocurrency

Although cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy, there can be no doubt that they’re here to stay!

Bitcoin, the original and most famous, has reached incredible heights in terms of its value with the market capitalization of the entire sector on an upward trajectory and even rising far above expectations,having broken through the US$200 billion mark.

The security, traceability and non-governmental nature of cryptocurrencies mean that they have an enormous amount to offer both as mainstream stores of value and methods of transaction.

The market for cryptocurrencies is not fully realized. Simply trading cryptocurrency can be a burden for many potential users due to security concerns and identity verification difficulties, but having an easy-to-use, secure cryptocurrency technology that integrates P2P exchange between fiat and cryptocurrency,crowdfunding, crypto lending, credit card capability, and cold , secure storage of user funds easily assessable in the future through localised ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) while providing novice users techniques to improve their skills is the future of safe trading and exchange of assets. Providing users with a return on gross profits serves as an additional enticement.

XENIACOIN is a pioneer. It is the answer most investors have been searching for. It’s a cryptocurrency that can deliver the rewards that come from wading into uncharted waters as well as the safety of knowing that there’s a lifeline to help them weather the storms until cryptocurrencies mature and stabilize.

The XENIA Advantage

XENIACOIN is the primary digital token used on the SIX38PPN platform (www.six38ppn.com). This platform hosts the Six38Peer2Peer Network which is an independent venture capital platform that integrates a coin exchange (Six38CoinTrader Pty Ltd (2017/329360/07) , an online cooperative (SIX38 REACHOUT PRIMARY CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED (2017/008069/24), Six38cryptostore, Commodity Brands (six38CBEI) , XENIA CAPITAL ( mining and the real estate , a Digital Coin Lending Platform (XENIACOIN LENDING), a Peer2Peer Remittance service (XENIA TELLER & MARKETTRADE TELLER), a Lottery Pool (XENIADRAW), Gaming/sport bets (XENIA-BETS),a Mining POOL (SIX38MINING POOL i.e. For mining other alternative digital currencies),and Petroleum product trade (SIX38PPT).

Funds raised in the XENIACOIN ICO will be split between investment in products and services, and it is expected to provide liquidity for the SIX38PPN coin exchange platform and the six38CBEI branded commodity trading business. Investments will also be directed towards the mining of alternative coins and the proposed remittance service for MENA (Middle East and Africa) region.

Your investment in XENIACOIN is backed by these mainstream investments.This enables long-term investors to hold their coins with confidence knowing that fluctuations caused by short-term daily trading will always be set against the real value of the assets that back them.

Considering the longer-term purpose of the XENIACOIN basket, these assets were proportionally selected based on the ‘Strategic Asset Allocation’ strategy to reduce risk related to cryptocurrencies, while being reasonably exposed to their potential growth.

The XENIA advantage ensures that you get the following:

A currency that is not susceptible to the volatile fluctuations of the cryptocurrency market. An asset-backed coin that guarantees stability and great ROI. Diversification of your investment portfolio for greater reward. Reduced risk investment in an uncharted market. A high-level liquid investment portfolio.

Investment Profile of the SIX38PPN Platform

As well as being a coin designed to provide a more stable investment outlook, the XENIACOIN wallet will enable easy access to holdings and will provide a route to a coin exchange that ensures higher levels of liquidity than are currently available in the crypto environment.

XENIACOIN is designed to enable investors with little or no cryptocurrency experience to hold and benefit from the crypto world. As well as the wallet, we are working on a variety of projects that will provide holders with easy access to their investments, including an XENIA Card that will act in a similar way to a pre-paid debit card and a possible, although still in the works, ATM (Automated Teller Machine) that will allow for easy withdrawal of funds and a business investment opportunity for members of the SIX38 REACHOUT COOPERATIVE.


Analysts anticipate ATMs will become even more popular and forecast an increase in the number of ATM withdrawals. ATMs of the future are likely to be full-service terminals instead of or in addition to traditional bank tellers. It was also reported that the ATM market is expected to garner $21.9 billion by 2020, registering a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 7.7% during the forecast period 20152020.

In the bid to make our investors have total control of their funds in the most simplified and secured manner and increase the scope of our income. One of our future objectives is to set up our ATM (Automated Teller Machine) that will be used by our investors as well as others for to perform financial transactions, particularly cash withdrawal, without the need for any conversion. One may wonder why we intend to invest in the ATM market, the remains that we seek to make our investors more comfortable as well increase revenue for our founding partners who will be given the sole dealership to run our ATMs.


This is a web and mobile based application for traders across the world to pay for their goods, services and products.

Example someone in China sells his goods to someone in south Africa, the terms of business could be a 50% release of funds from the escrow account once the paper work has been received and the balance of 50% released once the goods arrive the port of destination.

The terms can be set and agreed by both the seller and the buyer and once transaction terms has been fulfilled by both parties, with a click to confirm on each side, the escrow will release the funds to the supplier of the goods.


This is a mobile application that serves as a peer2peer send and receive remittance service of the six38 platform. This peer-to-peer payment is instant to anyone in the world and connect Xenia users with a network of physical locations closest to them where they can either add or withdraw cash to/from their Xenia Teller wallet.

Market Validation

Remittance has become an inevitable aspect of migrants as one of the very essence of migrating is to search for greener pastures, hence, the need to send some monies back home for their family, friends and relatives.

The numbers, although are inconsistent but very high. According to the International Fund for Agriculture Development, the African remittance annually is estimated to be about $40 billion. However, the World Bank’s figures are much higher with remittance to Nigeria only amounting to as much as 19 billion in 2016.

The diagram above shows the high amount of money remitted to Africa by Diasporas in 2016. Nigeria representing the most populous country in the continent gets the highest followed by Ghana down to Madagascar in descending order as revealed in the chart above.

This is not the major validating factor but the fact that the cost to make transfers is outrageous. The most recent statistic reveals that Western union charges 12% to transfer $200 amounting to $25. However, people do not have alternatives therefore allowing the platforms rip them off their hard earned money.

XENIA teller is a platform that will allow for extremely low transfer fees while also empowering vibrant Africans who serve as the point of exchange between the sender and the receiver. A total win-win situation for all.

Xenia Ride: within the Xenia app one is able to call up a ride just like uber or taxify but payment is settled in digital currency mainly XENIACOIN or BITCOIN from the wallet of the app (this function reduces the fee for the drivers, instead of the traditional 15-25% charged by competing applications only 5% is charged to the driver and 3% is banked in a serving wallet for the rider, this way both the driver and the rider are incentivized.

Any person or store with verifiable details and location can sign up as an XENIA TELLER, that means they become a payment gate way to and from the Xenia Teller wallet benefiting a fee not more than 2% of the transaction cost with a total cap limit of chargeable fee determined by our application.

The Aim of the teller function is to minimize banking transactions that require large fees for cross country transactions making it a true decentralized model as represented by the blockchain.


This is an exclusive cryptocurrency lending platform that guarantees profit for all investors.

The platform is operated on the SIX38PPN PLATFORM.

You can invest XENIACOIN in SIX38PPN platform exclusively from the SIX38PPN Dashboard.

This investment option involves profiting daily from six38ppn market performance and mining pool Upon investment term completion, our investors will receive their CAPITAL BACK to take out from the XENIACOIN lending platform or optionally reinvest back in XENIACOIN lending platform to continue receiving daily profit.


XENIACOIN Lending Profits Interest

Lending Amount Interest (Accumulated Daily) Returned Capital

$15 - $100 Projected Market performance (up to 35% per month) + 0.10% After 365 days

$115-$1000 Projected Market performance (up to 35% per month) + 0.20% After 240 days

$1015-$5000 Projected Market performance (up to 35% per month) + 0.25% After 210 days

$5015-$10000 Projected Market performance (up to 35% per month) + 0.30% After 180 days

$10015-$100000 Projected Market performance (up to 35% per month) + 0.35% After 130 days