[WTS] PPC for Bitcoin - Paxful - 2% fee

Hello, users I own for more than 2 yrs over 7000PPC.
I want to exchange those (or a part of them) for paypal cash or bitcoin or darkcoin.

PayPal (USD) - 1.00$/PPC;
XBT - equals to 400PPC;
DRK - equals to 3.3PPC.

Write replies or PM me if interested.

Message sent.

Note: Darthmol3 is a new user. DO NOT send funds without an escrow or pre-payment. If you do, you are at risk of being scammed.

You asked me on a PM to send you a large amount of PPC without escrow, and now since I never replied, you’re convincing people that I am a con artist. Seems legit…

I would be happy to transact in multiple smaller amounts, for your safety. However, I would not advise that anyone send funds to you first, since you are a new user. This is not a personal attack – it’s simply a reflection of your “new user” status.

I have a reputation on this forum that speaks for itself. I was pre-paid in PPC to produce the videos and content on Peercoin.net, and fully followed through with my commitments over the following month. I will not scam you.

It is now my personal opinion that this offer from darthmol3 is an attempted scam. He has not responded to a follow-up PM suggesting to use escrow, though he has been online.

Proceed at your own risk.

Bump. Open to Paxful escrow.
Anyone interested - lmk.