WTB Peercoin or Bitcoin for EUR

Hi there, its very hard to find fast BTC or PPC in the Web or Local.

So i wanna Ask the People here to Trade.

I wanna Buy 500 Peercoins or 0,40 Bitcoin for Euro, with a Fair Rate i hope.

If someone want to trade pls write here :slight_smile:


Not sure where you live, but you could try https://www.litebit.eu/en/register/referrer:1207 (a referral link)

Had bought and sold some through there service.

Hi, thanks for Answer.

Yeah i know the Side, but the they need Verification long time for this.

But i found a site where i can Trade BitCoins, the Verification was very easy because if IDnow, they check all dates per Webcam.

So this Thread is solved :smiley:
Thanks anyways =)